Why does my DeskTime app go idle during online meetings?

When you don't show any activity for a period of time, your DeskTime app will automatically go idle. This means that when you’re doing something that doesn’t require you to use your mouse or keyboard—for example, participating in an online meeting or watching a video—DeskTime will track this time as idle, even if you’re actually being productive. 

It’s possible to fix this by enabling Meeting & video time tracking in the Settings section. This setting will allow DeskTime to read when you’re doing something that prevents your computer from going into sleep mode (e.g. using online communication apps like Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet, or video sites like YouTube or Udemy). DeskTime will then track your time on these apps as productive instead of idle. 

Only Company Owners and Company Admins can enable this setting, so if you feel like Meeting & video time tracking would benefit your team, reach out to your supervisors for help.