How can I approve/decline employees offline time?

The DeskTime app offers Admins and Owners to monitor users' manually added offline times.

Once a user adds any offline time, a notification will pop up in system next to the Offline Times section. 

How to enable it?

In order to activate this function, go to Settings → Account, and below Offline time tick the Approve only flag. 


How does it work?

All users' Offline times will be delivered to this section and will remain pending until one of the admins or the owner approves/declines the offline time. There will be information given about the pending offline time:

  • Name of the user;
  • Period of time offline time is registered;
  • Splits;
  • Time;
  • Productivity type;
  • Description.

All Approved offline times will be stored in Offline Times → Approved.

All Declined offline times will be stored in Offline Times → Declined.