How to pay the invoice manually?

In case your automatic payment method is not working, you can choose to pay any new invoice manually.

The most common reasons for a declined payment are:

  • An expired credit card
  • Insufficient funds
  • Exceeded payment amount limit
  • Some banks will reject charges based on location
  • Some banks will reject charges based on their own fraud rules

N.B. On your billing statement, DeskTime will appear as*fee Riga LVA.

After an unsuccessful auto-payment, you will be notified by email which will have a payment link for the specific invoice.

You can click on the link and follow the instruction to pay, or you can open it in the browser, copy the link and share it with any other person to complete the payment.

If you are not the person assigned to payment emails and notifications, or you have unsubscribed from them, in the Billing section, you can find a Make a payment option for a created invoice and introduce valid card details.

When selecting this payment option and clicking Pay you will receive an OTP code that you will need to submit and press Submit.

Remember! To keep the account and subscription active there must be a default payment method added in the Billing section.

If you have questions or need any assistance, please, contact our Support team