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Quick answers to our most-asked questions

How much does DeskTime cost?

DeskTime is free to try for 14 days and will always stay free for individual use with the LITE plan. Pricing plans start at $7/user and can go as low as $5.50/user for larger teams, if paid annually. Find out more here.

How can I add employees to my account?

In order to add employees to your DeskTime account, you have to be either Company admin, user admin or the company owner. Go to Settings and then Employees. In the upper right corner, you will see a green button Add Employee.

How does DeskTime work?

Each user downloads the application to their computer. Once activated, all time tracking happens automatically - computer use is automatically collected and categorized into productive, unproductive, and neutrally spent time. Read more here.

Can productive and unproductive app classification be changed?

Yes! The owner of the account or manager of the team can set the productivity classification for individuals or entire teams. What may be productive for communications teams may not be for technical ones - you can change it in your “Apps productivity” settings.

How do you track time on projects?

Click on the DeskTime icon on your desktop's bottom taskbar and select "Create a project / Search for a project". Here you can find already created projects or you can create new ones as well. When a project is activated, time and apps used are recorded under that project.

What can DeskTime be integrated with?

DeskTime integrates with a wide range of applications to improve workflow and reduce inefficiencies. From your favourite task managers to calendars, see the full list here.