What is "Reports" section?

Company administrators see statistics for the entire company or for the team/department they manage.  However, Employees have access to their personal reports.

In the Reports section, you can choose to see a report for any day, week, or month. You’ll see different statistics. These will be the average statistics of your entire DeskTime account. This information can be used to see trends in your productivity or working habits.

The Reports section consists of five subsections that you can use to learn more about where your time goes. For each section, you can apply Filters to choose what Teams, Team members, or Time period you wish to compare.


Overview - Shows the general data about Productivity, Time spent at work, Absences, and Time spent on Apps/URLs.

Compare - Here, you can compare different teams or particular Team members and evaluate their productivity and working style.

Compare by Time - This section compares data from two separate time periods.

Extra hours - This section reflects the Extra hours the employees have worked before and after work and shows Apps/URLs that they have worked on in these Extra hours.

Projects overview - Shows which projects Teams or particular Team members have been working on and how much time has been spent.

Projects - Here, you can see specific details about Projects and time spent working on them.


Read more in our blog post ''The complete guide to DeskTime reports'' here.

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