How much does DeskTime cost?

DeskTime is free to try for 14 days and will always stay free for individual use with the Lite plan. 

When the 14-day trial period for DeskTime runs out, to continue tracking the time, you must choose from one of the different Subscription plans with set per-user prices in dollars, euros, and rupees


  • PRO plan for 7$ a month.
  • PREMIUM for 10$ a month.
  • ENTERPRISE for 20$ a month.


  • PRO plan for 6€ a month
  • PREMIUM for 9€ a month
  • ENTERPRISE for 18€ a month


  • PRO plan for 560₹ a month
  • PREMIUM for 800₹ a month
  • ENTERPRISE for 1600₹ a month


And even better deals for an annual subscription as you get 1 month free.

Visit our Pricing page for annual pricing and more information on features available in each of the plans. 


Per-user pricing helps to precisely calculate the price of your subscription plan and billing, and it’s easier to know exactly how much it will cost to add any extra users. 

You can always upgrade the number of users, and change the account's subscription plan and billing period in your Billing section.



  • All prices are calculated excluding the VAT rate;
  • For Latvian citizens, the VAT rate of 21% is automatically applied to the subscription fee;
  • For European Union citizens, who insert their country's VAT code, the VAT rate is not applied to the subscription fee.
  • For European Union citizens, who do not insert their country's VAT code, the VAT rate will be applied according to your country's official tax rates.
  • In all countries outside the European Union, the VAT rate is not applied to the subscription fee.
  • DeskTime legal details:
    • SIA Desktime;
    • Ojāra Vācieša iela 6B, Rīga, LV-1004, Latvija;
    • Registration number: 40203168348;
    • VAT number: LV40203168348.

If you need additional help, feel free to contact our Customer Support.