Why my payment gets declined?


The support for 3D Secure v1 and all related technology are discontinued since mid-October 2022:

  • AMEX network: 14th of October 2022
  • VISA network: 14th of October 2022
  • Mastercard network: 18 October 2022

This may cause issues with payments and adding cards as default payment methods.
You must reach out to your bank to verify if the necessary 3D Secure v2 is supported for your chosen payment card.


The most common reasons why payments get declined are:

  • Insufficient funds
  • Expired date of the card
  • The card has reached the limit of the amount of transactions it can process
  • Invalid transaction (the transaction is not supported by the bank or type of card)

In case your payment was declined, please, check your bank account and if such a transaction is supported.
You can find which payment methods are accepted here.


For our customers that are Indian bank clients:

Due to RBI regulations, from the 1st of October 2021 recurring international transactions can be rejected by your bank.

Please make sure that your bank supports such payments or you can use the Manual payment option:

You will need to introduce your card details manually for each payment and receive the OTP from your bank to confirm and finish the transaction.


Keep in mind!

A default payment method must be added to the Billing section in order to maintain the subscription active and receive invoices for manual payments.


In case of any issue or additional information, feel free to contact our Customer Support.