What is automatic and manual time tracking?

With DeskTime you can track time automatically by installing the desktop app and manually using one of the manual tracking features.

Automatic tracking:

After installing the desktop app on your computer it will start to track your time and productivity automatically. You can choose the option to start the app with the computer each time or log in and out when needed.

With the desktop application, you will have the Idle and Private time tracking, Pomodoro timer, and other features on your subscription plan available.

Manual tracking:

The manual time tracking will require you to manually apply one of the options: 

  1. Web timer
  2. Mobile time
  3. Calendar integrations
  4. Logged offline time


The manual time will add and update your time and productivity, but would not be able to follow your activities on the computer, meaning, that it will not record any applications or URLs visited, or Idle time on the computer. Also, other features such as Private time or screenshots would not be available.