Is there any terminology I should know about?

These are a few terms you should know before you start using DeskTime:

DeskTime time - Time spent working on your computer.

Productive time - Total time spent on productive apps. Learn how to set which apps are productive here.

Time at work - Total time from when you arrived and logged in to when you left work. It includes DeskTime, Offline time, and Private time.

Idle time - A time gap between two fractions of tracked time, which appears when there haven't been any actions on the computer for more than 3 minutes. This time period can be increased in the account settings.

Offline time - Offline time added towards your day when away from the computer. On DeskTime you can log offline (and idle) time to be a part of working time, see more information here.

Private time - Time used for personal needs. Read more about Private time here.

Effectiveness - Productive time, divided by the "minimum hours" and then expressed as a percentage.

Productivity - Productive time, divided by the total DeskTime and expressed as a percentage.

Deleted time - Time which will appear in the productivity bar if tracked time is deleted.

Calendar event time - Time sent from synchronized Google/Outlook Calendar, such as meetings, conferences, etc. You can read about the synchronization options here.

Tracked time - Time spent using your computer, while your actions are being tracked by the DeskTime app.

Mobile time - Time added to the Productivity bar by using the mobile timer.

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