How to start tracking your time?

There are 2 simple and quick ways how to start tracking your time and productivity with DeskTime.


Automatic tracking enables and ensures all the DeskTime features of your subscription plan. 

To start the tracking process follow these 2 steps:

1. Download and install the desktop application's version correct for your operating system

2. Log in and the application will start tracking automatically.

To keep the login automatically, make sure you have marked the option to start the app with the computer. You will find more information on how to do that for each operating system here.

The automatic tracking will record the time spent and the name of the used:

  • Applications
  • URLs
  • Document titles

Also, it will allow all the features such as Private time, Break reminders or our "Pomodoro timer", and Screenshots, and will allow adjusting the productivity level of each application and URL to calculate more precise productivity percentage and effectiveness. 

The desktop app will also register the Idle time while not actively using the computer or being away from it, which can later be changed by adding manually the offline time


The manual time tracking allows you to quickly start tracking the time without downloading and logging in to the desktop app itself, and it is suitable for any type of operating system. 

Start tracking your time easily from the web and any browser with the Web timer by only clicking on “Play”. You can also already add a description and project for that time, or edit that anytime later.

Use the mobile app and start the Mobile timer if you are away from the computer but on work-related activity. With mobile time you can track the time for a certain project already, or add that later on if necessary.

Integrate the application with your Google or Outlook calendar. After any scheduled event on the calendar, that application will synchronize the time and name with DeskTime, so you would not have to add the information manually.


When needed you can add the Offline time manually directly from your Productivity bar in your MyDeskTime section, with an explanatory description and projects, if necessary.