An original study uncovers the top distraction at work – interruptions

Let me ask you a question – when was the last time you had a 100% productive 9-to-5 workday? Or when did you last experience a day without any distractions while working?

I’m betting that these types of days don’t occur very often or maybe they don’t even occur at all.

But why? First of all, it’s proven that being 100% productive all day long is virtually impossible. Second, it’s very difficult to avoid any distractions during the day except if you’re in a closed room, without your mobile device and in an extra quiet environment.

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13 tactics to optimize business costs and save big bucks in 2020

Whether a big or small business, you can’t stop thinking of how to make more money with it, right? There are two ways to do that:

First, you increase sales and, as a result, revenue. Or second, you optimize all costs to save money and, thus, gain more profits. 

The first one is highly lucrative but requires tons of planning, strategy, and time. So why not consider the second? Optimizing your company’s costs is something you can start doing right now to see tangible results in less than a year.

Here are 13 strategies on business cost optimization to implement today and save thousands of dollars tomorrow.

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A solution to work-life balance – allowing personal time at work

Work-life balance is the notion that you can maximize productivity while still retaining time for family, friends, hobbies, restful sleep, and more. However, that harmony is hard to achieve – according to one study, 66% of full-time employees in the US said they don’t have a work-life balance. 

An ideal balance means something different to everyone. Most can agree, though, that poor balance equals too much time with work on their minds. What’s the cause of this recipe for burnout?

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5 reasons companies should hire remote employees

Our world is changing every day, every hour, and every minute. Due to the rapid development of technologies, the concepts of job and workplace are now being defined in hundreds of different ways. 

A case in point – freelance work. 

An increasingly popular format of professional relationships, freelance work is quickly becoming the number one choice both for the professionals looking for new job opportunities and the companies scouting for talent. 

In this article, we’re laying out 5 reasons why remote work is the go-to option for every forward-thinking enterprise out there. 

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ai in employee management

How to use AI in human resource management

Today’s successful companies put their employees at the same level of importance as their customers. They do so because they understand one thing: to be able to create astonishing products and deliver high-end services, you need engaged and motivated employees.

However, it is not easy to create the best work environment and implement the most effective people management strategies. Given the complexity of human resources and its multitude of variables, it becomes incredibly difficult for HR departments everywhere to keep up the pace without help from technology.

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Hygge – what is it & how can it boost productivity at work?

Just like every year, the chilly fall weather has once again arrived in town. It’s during days like these when it’s often too easy to fall victim to laziness and melancholia-induced apathy. 

This, in turn, is bound to have a negative effect on every field of life, one of the prime examples being the professional environment. With anxiety and demotivation on the rise, down goes productivity, creativity and enthusiasm. Needless to say – this makes our work performance suffer big time. 

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shift scheduling desktime featured

How to use DeskTime as software for shift scheduling

If your company employs shift workers, you might be on the lookout for software for shift scheduling. And you’ll be pleased to hear that DeskTime’s new feature is just that – shift scheduling.

Nowadays, roughly 15% of the US workforce are shift workers. These people work on a schedule outside the traditional 9 to 5 – early mornings, evenings or nights. The new DeskTime feature is created to help managers plan and schedule shifts more effectively, as well as track the productivity of their shift workers. 

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time management

30 time management tips to try

During the reign of hectic schedules, some time management tips can appear like a real saving grace. 

In the era when the Internet is full of inspirational phrases like, “we have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyoncé,” we have to ask – how can we find that extra hour? And it appears that the answer is quite simple – with a little help from time management. 

Let’s be realistic – not all of us can be as perfect as Queen Bey with crushing our plans for the day. However, we can learn to manage our time at work to emerge from the office victoriously.

But when it comes to time management strategies, there are so many to choose from. So, how can we know which ones are the best? By testing out various tips and techniques to see what works and what doesn’t. So let’s put our productive hats on and start this journey! 

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