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how to make time go faster at work banner

How to make time go faster at work: 11 actionable tips and strategies

We’ve all wondered how to make time go faster at work when stuck in a useless meeting, while bored during downtime, or…

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Viesturs Abelis 5.12.2023

The ultimate beginner guide to project cost estimation

This manual will explore key concepts and methods that make a solid ground for accurate and efficient project cost estimation. Read on!

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Aiva Strelca 30.11.2023
AI productivity tools to use at work

10 best AI productivity tools (besides ChatGPT) to use at work

Thanks to the development of AI technology, you can now work faster, better, and more productively – no matter your industry or type of work.

Here, we’ve listed 10 AI tools for productivity, which cover different areas, from text editing to image and video generation.

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Ieva Sipola 28.11.2023

18 free online resources for managers to level up their management game

If you’re looking for a comprehensive list of free online resources for managers, you’ve come to the right place, as this article covers precisely the topic.

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Aiva Strelca 23.11.2023

The ultimate list of the 15 best offline time tracking software

Whether you prefer simple, no-frills options or feature-rich applications, you will find the perfect offline time tracking tool that suits your requirements in this listicle.

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Aiva Strelca 16.11.2023
An illustration depicting Pomodoro time tracking

What is the Pomodoro technique and how to use it in time tracking?

You know that your employees’ time is only as valuable as their productivity levels, which is where Pomodoro time tracking comes in….

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Ugis Briedis 15.11.2023
How to manage notifications banner

How to manage notifications to stop them from killing your productivity

Everyone’s struggling with how to manage notifications. Notifications have become such a ubiquitous part of our lives that it may be difficult…

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Viesturs Abelis 13.11.2023

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Easy brain food snacks to make at work

10 easy brain food snacks to make at work for productivity, energy, and focus

From savory to sweet, we’ll guide you through 10 simple and tasty brain food snack options to fuel your workday, enhancing your focus, creativity, and overall well-being.

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Ieva Sipola 9.11.2023
TikTok article blog illustration

5 TikTok work trends that actually make sense

In this article, we’ll dive into five TikTok work trends that moved beyond this social media platform into our work lives due to actually making a lot of sense.

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Aiva Strelca 1.11.2023
10 scary things an employee can say to their boss

10 scary things an employee can say to their boss and what to do

This article explores ten unsettling phrases your team members might drop casually and turn an ordinary workday into a psychological horror movie.

But fear not, for each of these scary scenarios presents an opportunity to turn chilling moments into valuable lessons for you and your team.

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Ieva Sipola 30.10.2023

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