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Survey reveals employees are fine with monitoring – as long as they can see the data

Employee monitoring has been a touchy subject over recent years. As people switched to working from home during the pandemic, companies and…

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Viesturs Abelis 5.09.2022

The pros and cons of offering paid menstrual leave

Paid menstrual leave. What is it? Is it common? Should companies consider offering it? Read more to find answers to all of these questions.

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Zane Franke 31.08.2022
job hopping

What is job hopping & 5 reasons to hire someone who’s done it

Some hiring managers might look the other way when it comes to hiring someone who’s done job hopping, but we’re here to prove them wrong.

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Zane Franke 29.08.2022
A person holding a laptop and a pile of papers

Why is project time management important + ways to improve it

Excellent project time management is one of the most crucial ingredients that ensure project success. Of course, there’s also precise project cost…

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Aiva Strelca 24.08.2022
most productive month in US

July is the most productive month of the year in the US, according to study

With an average employee efficiency of 86.23%, July is the most productive month of the year in the US. Whereas the least productive month is June.

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Krista Krumina 22.08.2022
Project mnagement skills illustration

7 project management skills for a thriving career ahead

Are you thinking of polishing your project management skills but not sure where to start?

Check out this guide and improve your competitiveness!

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Guest Author 19.08.2022

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pick chart

What is a PICK chart and how to use it for better project management?

It’s not an easy matter to come up with creative solutions and transformative ideas – but there’s a tool, which can make it less daunting. It’s called PICK charts. 

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Krista Krumina 18.08.2022
cancel culture in the workplace

Cancel culture in the workplace & what to do if you’ve fallen victim

Cancel culture has made its way into the workplace.  For those unfamiliar with the term, canceling someone typically consists of a group…

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Viesturs Abelis 15.08.2022
Employee monitoring software – 12 tools to choose from

12 employee monitoring software options to choose from

With the trend towards remote and hybrid work showing no signs of slowing down, employers all over the world are looking into employee monitoring software options. Check out our guide to help you pick the best one for you and your team!

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Līva Spandega 10.08.2022

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