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5 reasons companies should hire remote employees

Our world is changing every day, every hour, and every minute. Due to the rapid development of technologies, the concepts of job and workplace are now being defined in hundreds of different ways. 

A case in point – freelance work. 

An increasingly popular format of professional relationships, freelance work is quickly becoming the number one choice both for the professionals looking for new job opportunities and the companies scouting for talent. 

In this article, we’re laying out 5 reasons why remote work is the go-to option for every forward-thinking enterprise out there. 

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Hygge – what is it & how can it boost productivity at work?

Just like every year, the chilly fall weather has once again arrived in town. It’s during days like these when it’s often too easy to fall victim to laziness and melancholia-induced apathy. 

This, in turn, is bound to have a negative effect on every field of life, one of the prime examples being the professional environment. With anxiety and demotivation on the rise, down goes productivity, creativity and enthusiasm. Needless to say – this makes our work performance suffer big time. 

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