14 DeskTime Features to
help you excel

The DeskTime system features a number of useful tools that will help you and your team reach new productivity levels.

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Increase your company's productivity

The main purpose of DeskTime is to give you all the necessary tools to help you and your team achieve maximum efficiency and productivity.

Reach new heights with DeskTime

Identify inefficient practices

The data provided by DeskTime will help you locate any weak links and unproductive habits that may be limiting your company’s growth. You can configure DeskTime to receive a daily custom email report about your most productive employees and employees whose habits show they might need additional supervision.

Analyze productivity

The DeskTime system collects data of the productivity and effectiveness of both the company as a whole and each individual separately. That way you can get a better understanding of how employees spend their time at work, whether or not they start and finish their work day at appropriate hours, and evaluate their contribution to the effectiveness of the company.

Monitor online data

Whenever you feel like you’d like to take a look how your company’s doing at any given moment, you can open a summary of your employees’ daily activities. There you can see what everyone’s current active app is, who’s arrived and who’s late, or, in other words, who’s working and who should be.

Analyze your team’s highs and lows

Enjoy fully automatic time tracking

The DeskTime time tracking software is fully automatic. Unlike many other time tracking applications that require you to enter data manually, DeskTime calculates everything automatically, giving you precise data of the working hours of your employees. Simply install it and let it do the work for you, the data will be there whenever you need it.

Track Apps and URLs

With DeskTime, employees can indicate which applications and URLs are productive, unproductive or neutral for completing their tasks. This gives a clear overview of the time spent during the workday and helps identify any possible online time stealers.

Track offline time

The offline time tracking feature makes it possible to collect more accurate data about the time spent away from your work computer. Employees can specify their reasons for absence and put them down as productive, unproductive, or neutral, which gives a more precise overview of their workload and time management.

Keep up-to-date with your team’s activity

Integrations with Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar

Sync your Outlook or Google Calendar with DeskTime, and the time you've planned to spend away from the computer will be automatically counted towards your productive time at work. No need to manually log the time spent in meetings, business lunches, trainings, etc. - if it's on your calendar app, it's on DeskTime.

Manage projects and tasks

With DeskTime, you can also track time of individual projects and tasks. Auto screenshots (see below) and activity rate trackers provide all the necessary data to get an idea of the status of your projects, let you estimate the time required for projects in the future, and help you bill your clients accurately for the work done.

Try DeskTime auto screenshots

The optional DeskTime auto screenshot feature offers a particularly detailed view of your team’s efficiency: every 5, 10, 15 or 30 minutes DeskTime takes a screenshot of what everyone is working on, and the files are automatically saved on each user’s account. You can set up the screenshots to be blurred for increased privacy or disable this function altogether.

Create custom reports

You can use the DeskTime Reports tool to create reports about the company’s productivity status, and later share, print, or export them to CSV. You can also compare the effectiveness of your team or individual employees over a given period of time and get insights about everyone’s extra hours spent at work.

Get an in-depth view of your team’s work day

Coordinate time off

The DeskTime Absence Calendar allows employees to plan and edit their schedules, letting the team know when they’ll be on vacation or home sick. This eliminates unnecessary questions about whereabouts of absent employees and helps you plan everyone’s workload. The Absence Calendar reports can also be used as an accounting tool for calculating monthly salaries.

Access the team’s contact information

To make communication within the team more efficient, DeskTime provides access to contact information of your coworkers - it is no longer required to ask a colleague for another colleague’s email or phone number.

Use DeskTime on mobile

You can oversee the performance of your team from your desktop as well as your iPhone or Android device. Use the DeskTime mobile app to log in details about your offline time and get access to your company’s performance reports while on the go.

Experience premium support

The DeskTime team is here to help you make the most of your DeskTime experience. We can help you set up and configure the software, and answer any questions you may have related to day-to-day use. Don’t hesitate to get in touch!