What is the Booking section?

The Booking section is your own, personalized booking system where you can reserve anything in your office starting from work desks, parking spaces, meeting rooms, and more. 

You can create and personalize all the aspects of these bookings:

  • Groups of booking options, that can be everything from specific objects and desks, to parking and conference rooms, depending on your company's needs.
  • Locations - will allow you to specify where the available options are. You can detail the Location name, address, floor, and even room number or name, or department.
  • Accessories - there is no limit to the items that can be added as accessories which will help you to describe and characterize the booking item.
  • Booking options - objects, spaces, and rooms. Anything that should be reserved in advance in your company.

You can find helpful guidelines on how to set up your Booking page here.


In this section, you can book your necessary item for the same day or any other date in the future.

You can read about how the Booking section works with the Work Schedule and the Absence calendar here.

How to book an item?

  • Click on BOOK NOW and a pop-up window will appear where you can enter the necessary details of your booking.


  1. In case you are an Admin or Owner of the account and you are making the reservation for other users - check if the correct user is assigned.
  2. Select the date and time when the reservation will start and end.
  3. Add a description if necessary.
  4. Choose the Group of Booking, Address, and any specific Accessory if there is such needed.

  • Automatically you will see the available options depending on the chosen parameters.
  • Select one of the available option.
  • Click on BOOK to finalize and save the reservation. 

  • You can also make a reservation directly from the planning by clicking on the Booking option on the necessary date and it will open the "Book Now" pop-up window.


Keep in mind!

In case you will change any of the parameters in the "Book Now" window, such as time or date, group, address, accessories, the availability will adjust accordingly and will show you the new, available booking options.


Important to know:

  • You can mark your favorite booking options, so they will always show on the top in the planning or in the "Book Now" window. Click on the "star" symbol by the option to mark it as your favorite.


  • To delete or edit the booking, click on the reservation itself and an “Edit Booking” window will open. There you can make the necessary changes or delete it entirely. 


  • In each group of booking options, you can apply filters to quickly see the correct availability in the planning. You can filter by the office and even choose the accessories that you will definitely need. The filter will apply automatically and will show you only the available options depending on the parameters. 


  • The Booking page section can be hidden on all 3 levels of Settings (Account, Team, Team Members) under “Other”“Hide Booking section”.