Track your projects and see how much they really cost with DeskTime time tracking and management software

How to use the DeskTime "Projects" and "Project costs" features to track projects and calculate their costs.

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What the DeskTime project time & cost tracking feature is, and how to use it

The "Projects" feature found in DeskTime time management software tracks how much time you spend on each specific project.

To start a new project, go to your DeskTime → Projects → Click on ALL → Add new project. Or click the DeskTime icon on your computer (right-click if you're running on Windows) and select “Create a project / Search for a project”.

Screenshot of DeskTime project time management software

Want to work on an existing project? Start typing the project title in the "Enter project name" field to search for it. Then again click "Create" and the timer will start automatically.

When you're finished working on a particular project, stop the time or switch to another project.

Why use the DeskTime project time & cost tracking feature

The "Projects" feature on DeskTime time tracking software allows the entire team or a selected group of employees to work on the same project and follow its progress.

When all the team is using the "Projects" timer, you can see the collective time that has been spent on the project, as well as be able to divide it up individually, to see who has contributed, and how much time each.

Three ways to use the DeskTime "Projects" feature

Screenshot of DeskTime project time tracking software

1. See how much time your projects take

When we're managing multiple projects simultaneously, we often have no clue how much time each of them actually takes. The DeskTime "Projects" feature separates your projects and lets your team dedicate their tracked time to individual projects.

By tracking time of individual projects, it helps you realize how time-consuming each of your projects are, so you can better plan your team's schedule. And if your project is time-consuming and needs a bigger team, you can use the DeskTime data to negotiate with your top management and get more people involved.

2. Calculate your project costs

As a DeskTime account owner, you can use the "project costs" feature. That is, you can fill in your team's hourly rates, and DeskTime will automatically calculate how much each project costs for the company, based on the time spent on it and employees' hourly rates.

When you are aware of your total project costs, you know how much you have to charge your clients for the particular project or future works. Or you can use the total project costs to decide if you want to invest time (and money) in similar projects in future.

3. See how much each employee has earned

If you're paying your entire team by the hour, or if you're working with freelancers or remote workers, DeskTime lets you easily see how much each person involved has earned. That's handy and saves time since you don't need to do any extra calculations.

Besides, using this DeskTime cost data, you can be sure that you're paying for hours actually worked.

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