NEW feature! Customized application groups that suit your employees’ specifics

Krista Krumina 26.01.2015

It’s been a while since we added application groups. This function let you categorize all applications in groups, which made it easy to see what your employees had been working on.

Yet not all applications can be put in the 6 categories proposed, right? Therefore, we’ve added a new function – you can now create specific and more accurate application groups that suit your company’s and employees’ specifics.

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Here’s how you add a new category:

Let’s say, designers in your company use numerous design-related applications, and you want to group them all under one category – Design (because that would make more sense than putting them into the category Office apps). So you can now simply add a new application group.

Log into your profile and go to SettingsCategories. Then click on Add at the up right corner of the page:


Type in the name of the category, choose its color and Save it:


Once you’ve created a new category, it will show up on the top of the list:


And it’s done! You can now add applications to the new category like you did before: select the applications you want to move to this category and change their status.

Go on – add new categories now!

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