Office toys and gadgets that help you stay sane throughout the day

Aiva Strelca 2.08.2021
An illustration of office workers playing table football

Office toys, game rooms and office gadgets are now common among workplaces of all sizes as those days when workplaces were strictly formal are long gone. And to be fair – we spend such a significant amount of our lives working, so why wouldn’t office spaces have some fun elements added to them, right?

Aside from adding more fun to the workspace, office toys and gadgets and playing games during work breaks highly benefit employee well-being, productivity, and teamwork. Positive effects include increased workplace satisfaction, enhanced stress relief, increased attention span, improved work relationships, and teamwork, boosted creativity, and many more.

Convinced that an office game room is a great idea and looking for games to add? Or maybe you already have a fun zone at your workplace but wish to include even more office toys and gadgets? Read on to get inspired by office entertainment room ideas compiled in this article.

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Office game room ideas to consider

If you’re lucky enough to have a dedicated office game room at your workplace or a space that could be turned into one, these office entertainment room ideas may come in handy. Here’s what you can add there for your and your workers’ well-being. 

Ping pong table

Having a ping pong table in your office game room is an excellent idea for several reasons. First of all, table tennis is considered to be the ultimate brain sport, helping one’s mind stay sharp, improving hand-eye coordination, and more. 

Secondly, ping pong activates brain areas that are responsible for concentration, tactical thinking, and alertness. Thus, after a table tennis game, your brain is wired for productivity. Plus, it’s recently been found that playing ping pong can positively affect some symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. 

Pro tip: Feeling that afternoon slump or being extra sleepy in the morning? An energizing ping pong game with a co-worker is just what you need. 

Table football and air hockey

Office workers playing table football in an office game room

These two fun activities should definitely find their place among other office game room ideas. They’re both fun, fast, and exciting. 

Air hockey can be much more physically active than it seems at first glance. To win, one’s reflexes need to be sharp and movements quick. Plus, the game is relatively short and can fit just perfectly into your coffee break. Additionally, to play, you need an opponent, and it can establish better connections between work colleagues later on. 

Table football or foosball usually is played by 2-4 players, giving even more room for helping your employees connect. It can bring out people’s competitiveness (one thing we’ve probably learned from some episodes of Friends),  and sometimes that’s exactly what’s needed to complete a task or finish a project afterward. 

Pro tip: Think about organizing an employee tournament – friendly competition can do wonders in team bonding, plus, it gives an excellent restart for the sometimes mundane office environment.

Billiards and novuss

Office worker playing novuss at work in the office game room

If your workplace encourages employees to take longer breaks, having a billiards table or novuss – a game related to pocket billiards, originated in the Baltics – in your office game room can be a thoughtful investment. 

Both of these games require concentration and a bit of strategic thinking. Even though they require the players to be less physically active, billiards and novuss are great for taking your mind off work for around 20 minutes and helping to recharge your mental capacity. 

Pro tip: Billiards and novuss tournaments can be a super fun alternative to your weekly office happy hour (or it can be a mix of both!). 

Video games

Video games are always fun – whether you’re 10 or 60 years old. It’s an excellent way to decompress. More than that, they can positively affect one’s well-being and teach you some skills that can be useful in work and business, such as learning how to fail, how to get better through consistent effort, or how to collaborate in order to win. 

Plus, a study found that video games can stimulate creativity, leading to unusual solutions or new business ideas. Coming to an office where you can have a quick gaming session during a break sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it?

Fun fact: Did you know that listening to video game soundtracks while working significantly boosts your productivity? Video game music won’t overwhelm or distract you; it’ll motivate you and foster a “get it done” mentality.

Fun office toys and gadgets your employees will love

Now moving on from office game room ideas to office toys and office gadgets suited for individual use. 

Sometimes we’d rather have a work break just for ourselves. In such scenarios, we often turn to scrolling through smartphones, a brisk walk outside (which is a marvelous idea, btw!), or hiding in some quiet space at the office. But what about some office gadgets and toys that can distract your mind from work and engage your physical activity while not needing others’ participation?

Balance board

A man balancing on a balance board on a rooftop

Besides looking cool, balance boards are highly beneficial to one’s physical wellness and mental capabilities. It not only improves your balance and reduces trauma risks but also boosts your brain function. 

Good news to employees that spend their days sitting at desks – a balance board can help you with bad posture. When balancing, you engage your deep muscles that ensure the stability of your spine, chest, and pelvis, resulting in a better posture. 

Yoga ball

A yoga ball used as an office gadget for improved sitting at a desk

Offering your employees free gym appointments or organizing a mid-day yoga class for energy and balance renewal is a fantastic employee benefit to consider. However, there are simpler alternatives for everyday use that you and your team will love as well – for example, exercise balls. 

Shifting from an office chair to a yoga or exercise ball can do good for your physical health in several ways. It can relieve back pain, tone your core, and, as you’re less likely to slouch when on an exercise ball, your lungs’ capacity isn’t diminished. Plus, getting out of your comfort zone (or the comfort of your office chair, to be precise) can really help with fighting procrastination.  

Treadmill desk

While standing desks have been within the office culture for quite some time, treadmill desks are a more novel addition to the list of office gadgets and equipment. 

Hitting a daily 10,000 step mark is a common goal for many. And working at a treadmill desk can significantly contribute to adding more activity to you and your employee office routine. 

While this type of desk won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, there will be workers ready to try it and reap the benefits. The pros of a treadmill desk, by the way, include improved mood due to light physical activity throughout the day (endorphins, yo), better focus, memory, and motivation due to enhanced blood circulation in your body. 

Pro tip: If your employees aren’t enthusiastic about trying out the new treadmill desk your organization just bought, think about a team-wide or organization-wide daily steps challenge. It could draw some attention to this office gadget.

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Bonus: Office desk toys to boost your productivity

If you’re the type of person that finds yourself twiddling a pen during a stressful situation or when feeling stuck with a work task, office desk toys are something that can suit you very well. Check these out!


– because it sort of rhymes with DeskTime and because basketball is awesome in all sizes. 

Desk-etball or desktop basketball is one of those office desk toys that will not only look fabulous on your work desk but will also provide a fun activity to do when your mind needs to take five from working. 

A picture of desktop basketball office toy
Image source: ActionFly/Amazon

Having a tough day and need some sense of reward? Winning your personal desk-etball championship trophy may do the trick. 

Fidget cube 

Rubik’s cube is sweet, but have you ever tried a fidget cube? It’s a small office desk toy that usually incorporates all the traditional fidgety things to help you maintain focus or release some work tension without leaving your desk. 

A hand holding a fidget cube office toy
Image source

Fidget toys are also commonly used to distract people from upcoming anxiety or panic attacks. Plus, kids who are allowed to fidget in the classroom tend to learn quicker. Why would it be any different with adults, right?

Desktop punching bag

Even the most zen and omm of us sometimes wish they could punch something (or someone, let’s be honest). Not necessarily out of anger or frustration – such moments just occur during a workday. So, to avoid punching and kicking office equipment, consider buying a desktop punching bag instead.

Office desk toy desktop punching bag on an office worker's desk near the laptop
Image source: Tech Tools/Amazon

Unlike the full-sized punching bag, this desktop alternative takes about as much space as a potted plant. Besides, it gives off some real pro-anger-management vibes. 

Pro tip: Have a teammate or a colleague who’s been super stressed lately? A desktop punching bag may end up being the most thoughtful gift they’ve ever received.  

Mobile games (yes, you read this right)

A man looking at his mobile phone and smiling

Last but not least – good old mobile games. There have been countless studies on the positive effects of playing games at work. Thus, mobile games specifically are great for providing you a passive thinking space, which results in heightened productivity levels afterward. 

If you’re more into watching videos, here’s a good one for you covering different mobile games that you and your colleagues can play during work breaks:

The bottom line

Office toys, game rooms and office gadgets are not only fun but also solid companions for boosting your productivity. Even though it may seem odd at first – have more fun, and you’ll get more done – it all makes sense when you think about it.

Our minds cannot maintain 100% focus throughout the day, and it’s ok. Instead of engaging in office gossip, drinking your X cup of coffee, or mindlessly scrolling through social media, try out some office toys and gadgets. They’re more beneficial than you may think!

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