What is the per-user pricing policy?

The per-user pricing allows creating and easily calculating your subscription based on the number of licenses on your account. You can check and edit that amount in your Billing section → 'Manage members'. 

The price is per user, or more precisely, per license. In case, a user is deleted or archived, the license can be assigned to another employee. The DeskTime application itself can be installed on as many devices as necessary without restrictions.

The previous members’ pricing plans, with an updated price, are still supported for our existing customers.

! For all new users, from November 2021, only the per-user price is available.

Single-user accounts have the Lite plan available, free of charge, and no need for an added payment method. The plan offers DeskTime's basic features, such as automatic time and app tracking, and the mobile app.

To use other features you must switch to a paid subscription plan, which includes the necessary service:

In dollars:

In euros: 

The VAT is not included in the price and is the User’s responsibility to pay all fees, payments, and applicable taxes associated with our Site and Services.

Keep in mind:

  • Upgrading to a higher tier plan will apply a charge for the pricing difference for the remaining days of the current billing period.
  • Downgrading to a lower-tier plan will not entitle a refund for the pricing difference.
  • All features available in the upgraded plan will be activated immediately after the invoice has been paid.
  • The number of users on the subscription does not adjust automatically when a user is deleted or archived. That must be done manually and till the amount is downgraded the price will be calculated as before. 

It is important to adjust the subscription plan, billing period, or the number of users before the upcoming invoice is generated, as DeskTime is a pre-paid service and non-refundable in case of a downgrade and the new rate will be charged automatically in the next billing cycle.

When canceling the subscription or deleting the account, DeskTime will not refund any payments or charges that have been made before termination.


If an existing account decides to change from the members’ plan to per-user pricing the action is not reversible under any conditions.

If you need additional help, feel free to contact our Customer Support.