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Automatic Offline time pop up and Manager approval for offline times

By Remzi Mutaf 3 years ago

Implemented 52 votes 2 comments

The feature we need is to automatically have a pop up window come up after the user returns to his desk, which will ask him why was he away. IMPORTANT: There will be NO option for the employee to close that window until he fills it up! So they need to fill it up to continue working on the computer! That way they will be accounted for every time when they are not at their desk. There should be couple options in that pop up window: 1. Description of why the employee was away from their desk. 2. Options to mark it: 2.1 Productive 2.2 Private time No other options are needed since either this employee was busy with work related stuff, or he/she was doing their own thing. If they select productive time, that filled up mark up should go to that employee's Manager for approval (User's admin). There will be couple aptions for the admin to select - Either appove or deny the mark up. 1. If approved the mark up will be added as productive time to the employees desktime and it will say that he was approved by "XXXXXXX" (the admin that approved it). 2. If denied the mark up will be marked as "DENIED by XXXXXXXX" and will be highligted with a different color (ex. purple) and it will show up in the employee's timeline as denied. That denied time will not be added anywhere in productive time, or total desktime or unproductive time. It will have the same role as an EMPTY not filled up gap but the only difference will be that it will be just colored in purple. Another option that you can add is cut off time for those Admin approvals. Meaning that Admins will get a notification to their e-mail at 12:00AM with the list of timecards they need to check and APPROVE/ DENY. They will have time until the end of the next business day to take care of those. Reason for requesting this - we constantly have employees that keep filling up gaps for 1 or 2 weeks behind. We cannot have that since that messes up our payrol. We want to be able to restrict them from doing that. So once we pull the report from Desktime, we know that there will be no editions done and we have the correct hours for everyone. Thank you

DeskTime Staff 1 year ago
Thanks for voting for this feature. DeskTime has invented offline time approval system for Admins. Please check our FAQ how to enable offline time approve and how it works:
Pradeep Mittal 2 years ago
please give option for admin to comment and mark as productive, nonproductive time. if he marks as private time then of course this is non productive time.

example 1: employee went for personal call --> and marks as productive -> admin can set it as nonproductive time with comment "on a call".

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