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Schedule Import

By Scott Panev 1 year ago

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Hello, It would be a good idea to have an Import option for Monthly Schedule for all the employees, where we can set up an Excel spreadsheet, for the whole month, all employees, including their shift and lunchbreaks so it can be all imported at once. Best Regards

Kris 2 days ago

I was so glad to see this . It’s like you’re reading my mind, Kaneisha! As ambitious modern day women of all backgrounds, we are often very hard on ourselves and often charge right to the next accomplishment without taking the time to reward ourselves for our hard work and enjoy the moment.
When I was right out of undergrad 6 years ago, I felt so lost. I questioned all my choices almost daily (Why did I major in English instead of econ ?) and beat myself up hard for not making lots of money, being in debt, , not dating the guy of my dreams, not living in a ‘cool’ city. It was tough. I cried a lot and compared myself to my friends. With the help of therapy, journal-writing and relaxation techniques I picked up in books, I learned to deal.
Two years ago, in summer 08, I turned 26, bought a small apartment, began teaching at a wonderful school and began dating a great guy all in the span of about a month. I got married three weeks ago and went back to work with one day off. So, for this next year, I am going to concentrate one joying my life right now. I still have goals (applying to doctoral programs, saving up for a honeymoon in the spring, saving $ in general…), but I am trying to have fun, too.
I am going to football game tailgates (Go UConn Huskies! class of ‘04), films (saw a showing of the Prep School Negro and spoke to the director after), concerts (John Legend in New Haven at the end of the month) and relaxing at home, too. I am trying to enjoy life as best I can, right here, right now. It feels good! I feel better than I have, and more confident and hopeful about my future, than I have in years. It is exhausting to worry so much. It’s energy that could be directed elsewhere, to fun, to helping others, Good luck ladies!

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