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To allow delete tracked applications and websites

By DeskTime Staff 3 years ago

Implemented 83 votes 8 comments

Would it be necessary to allow to delete tracked data? If yes, then as tracked data is deleted it will be changed to Private time which won't be possible to edit. Or allow to delete tracked data outside the working hours?

DeskTime Staff 1 year ago
Option to delete tracked time is now live and everyone can delete time they want. Just must go to My DeskTime, click on time interval, shorten time interval to needed one and click Delete. After time interval will be deleted it won't be changed anymore. And nothing else will be possible to add over deleted time. For questions, please contact [email protected]
Spectra Solutions 2 years ago
This is a absolutely needed feature - surprised that desktime does not have it yet
Armin 2 years ago
For companies there is a privacy problem. There should be option that employer gives approval which apps can be seen by boss… then boss can sort them… and if emloyer don’t want to share some apps with boss there will be listed as UNPRODUCTIVE.. but boss will NOT SEE which there are or which websites employer opened…
Alina Vandenberghe 2 years ago
This feature is definitely needed
Deleted User 3 years ago
There's question whether unproductive apps should be tracked or listed at all instead of automatic assigning time spent on these apps to private or offline time. The solution could be that these apps would be listed only for employees itself, but user admins would see this time as offline time.
Vairamuthu RxPG 3 years ago
Excellent feature that can be highly useful for users who wants to track their own performance, any unofficial applications can be safely deleted and deleted data can be entered under Private Time. This will definitely boost desk time usage.
Alex Skakov 3 years ago
This is the single most missed option. Currently you can accidentally track time by mistake (like the app somehow magically auto-starts with Windows despite the fact that this option is turned off in settings), your confidential info is tracked and sent to your employer, and you can't do a damn thing about it. That's the worst "feature" I ever met. It's absolutely needed to be able to delete tracked time and info forever, not change it to some "private" time or anything like this. Just like when your app is not running at all
Eric Connelly 3 years ago
This is an interesting idea, but I would only support it if the feature could be turned off per user in case it is abused.

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