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Choose the first day of week.

By Vairamuthu RxPG

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Different regions in the world start their week on different days so an option to choose the first day of week would be great.

Rahmathullah Abdulfaththah
I need this feature and also if this gets implemented, same weekday must be used on weekly reports.
Jass SK
It is coming soon? Toggl has this feature
Deleted User
It would be great to have this option as we do start out week with Sunday. The little calendar shows the week off with Sunday but then when you go into the big calendar to request days off let's say, it throws people off as the week starts with Monday.

Please find a way to implement this as it would be very helpful.
Deleted User
Are you considering to implement this feature anytime soon?
Please help us and implement this feature. Since we can not get the reports correctly because of this :(

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