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Option to switch off Remote Desktop Connection and alternative App (not to track data double)

By Evija Tirele

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An option to switch off the forwarding app (RDC, Parallels, etc) tracking while working on remote computer. We have a team that often works (around 50/50) on local computers, as well as on the general server over the RDC, etc. apps. Currently on DeskTime both are tracked double - RDC as the local app running (although is only in background) and all active apps on the server. The work specific requests to be able to track both - local and remote time spent, but tracking both damages the statistics. An option of using double accounts for one employee makes the data trashy and difficult to interpretate, as well not to track data on the remote computer will relocate the time steelers on the remote computer. Please consider to add this as an option or default.

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