5 reasons companies should hire remote employees

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Our world is changing every day, every hour, and every minute. Due to the rapid development of technologies, the concepts of job and workplace are now being defined in hundreds of different ways. 

A case in point – freelance work. 

An increasingly popular format of professional relationships, freelance work is quickly becoming the number one choice both for the professionals looking for new job opportunities and the companies scouting for talent. 

In this article, we’re laying out 5 reasons why remote work is the go-to option for every forward-thinking enterprise out there. 

#1: Young professionals demand flexibility

Today, an increasing number of companies have a hard time recruiting and retaining skillful employees who would be willing to stay loyal to a single establishment for more than a year. This is particularly obvious when it comes to hiring young professionals belonging to the millennial and Gen Z demographic cohorts.

However, a recent study carried out by The Deloitte Global Millennial indicates that the majority of youngsters would actually be ready for a long term professional commitment. 

This, however, comes at a cost. 

In return for this courtesy, the companies have to provide a more flexible work schedule and allow certain liberties when it comes to the location from which the work gets done.

This is said to improve their confidence and work satisfaction which, in turn, leads to higher productivity levels and more accomplished results. 

#2: Increased productivity and boundless creativity

Most of us would agree that individuals who practice remote work or deliver their tasks from the comfort of their home office tend to be more satisfied and, generally speaking – happier than their nine-to-five operating peers. 

In other terms – employees who have control over their schedule, are likely to be more productive and motivated to perform to the best of their ability. 

The science behind this is simple. Freelancing gives employees the freedom to operate whenever the inspiration strikes, whether it’s the wee hours of the morning or the afternoon spent at the local coffee shop. 

Skipping over inhibiting and mostly superfluous obstacles, such as office policies and bureaucracy, remote workers know how to keep it efficient and remain consistently goal-oriented.

#3: Freelancing saves money – to all of the involved parties

We’re going to put forward a serious question – do you own a business or do you know anyone who does? Do you or they wish to save some money? 

Well, hiring a freelancer is likely to benefit your piggy bank big time. 

The work format pretty much eliminates the need for the majority of office space-related utilities. No need for desks, massive amounts of work stations, and constant coffee supplies. It is perhaps, crude maths we’re talking here, but the long-term savings might convince you that modesty is a trademark of every smart enterprise.

#4: Access to a wider talent pool

The world is overflowing with talent and unique skill sets wherever you set your sights. However, and to great misfortune, a company operating in Japan might never learn that their perfect remote employee is desperately looking for a job opportunity somewhere in Europe. That is if they haven’t done their research on the topic of freelance professionals.

Global networking opportunities provided by this new age work format render geographical distance and language barriers irrelevant. Companies that will realize this faster will also be the first to hit record-breaking growth rates. 

The diversity, cultural heritage and the sheer magnitude of knowledge that companies acquire when hiring remotely, are priceless assets in contemporary entrepreneurship.

#5: Freelancing is the future

There are plenty of good reasons to hire a freelancer. One of the many being that it’s simply a part of how the future work ecosystem will function. As the demand for flexible working hours and remote work opportunities is on the rise, companies must be willing to adapt to survive the fierce competition. 

Embracing an unconventional approach to the recruitment process and employee management means working with a foresight. To unlock the full potential of today’s youth, it’s the go-to option for every forward-thinking enterprise out there.

Final words

Still not convinced about the benefits of hiring remote workers? 

Then consider this – remote workers are the likeliest to deliver on time, since complying with the deadlines is a matter of timely paid bills for them. 

Have you ever hired one? What was your experience? Share your experience with us in the comments section, and let others know what to take into account before embracing this new age format of work relationships.

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