How Excellent WebWorld doubled their productivity with DeskTime

How Excellent WebWorld doubled their productivity with DeskTime

Excellent WebWorld is an award-winning, full-stack app development company, established in 2011. They’ve since made 600+ clients happy and carried out more than 900 projects. Excellent WebWorld (EWW) is based in India and the USA, yet works with clients from the UK, Australia, Hong Kong, and Canada as well. Their clients vary from startups to established brands, a diversity that they can serve thanks to the highly customized approach they take with each client.

Alongside being a passionate team that aims for nothing but excellent results and client satisfaction, EWW keeps its employees' well-being their top priority:

“We understand that if you are going to work 8 hours a day in one place, that place needs to be motivating”.

To bring more motivation to its employees, the company decided to implement time tracking software as a part of their work organization. DeskTime was their top choice.

Why high productivity is a must in the IT industry

The company has been using the DeskTime app since December 2019. By now, nearly all of the company’s employees (65 out of 75) are using it. EWW has 9 different teams and time tracking is used by all of them. Time tracking helps to make sure that the teams perform as efficiently as they possibly can.

When asked about why the company chose to start tracking time at work, EWW Digital Marketing Manager, Sanjay Shah, said that for a company working in the IT industry, it was crucial to make the most out of every second of their working time. Their particular industry comes along with a relatively high level of competition. As more than 40,000 IT companies are present in India, that clearly describes the competitive level. As a result, the team's performance needed to be efficient, otherwise, they ran the risk of losing clients to other skilful companies. That’s why it was clear that Excellent WebWorld needs time tracking software.

There were quite a few options, but DeskTime caught EWW’s eye immediately. Asked about how they got started, Sanjay tells us that the system administrator (who was tasked with finding a suitable time tracking software for the company) didn't even make use of the 14-day free trial – they signed up right away.

“And since that, our productivity levels have increased twofold”.

A spike in productivity and motivated workers

The company has a well-established work/break policy to guide their day. A typical workday is 9 hours long which includes a one-hour long break. Before implementing DeskTime, they found that the generous break time tended to be taken advantage of and significantly lengthened. Without available data, they were unable to address this issue with their team. Although the pattern was clear – the abuse of break time left a negative effect on workers’ accomplishments and work performance overall.

After implementing DeskTime, the average productive time of the company’s employees has increased significantly. Having time tracking software as a part of their daily routine has mobilized EWW’s employees for more efficient work performance. Sanjay adds that over the last 3 months, the company’s productivity rate has grown to 100% – a dream come true for any employer.

“Through DeskTime, we aim to increase consistency, productivity, opportunities and skills of our employees.”

In terms of employees’ reaction to time tracking, Sanjay tells us that now, after employees have seen the increased productivity and efficiency of their performance, DeskTime has won over the team. Despite a few critics, Sanjay says that at the end of the day they all see the positive outcome of using DeskTime.

But for EWW, employee motivation doesn't stop at 100% productivity. The company pays close attention to its employees’ comfort and well-being when it comes to their office environment. At the end of January 2020, EWW celebrated its move to a brand new office. The new space was designed to boost employees’ creativity, add more joy to their work routine, and overall make them feel like home. The crowning jewel – the games room outfitted with gaming consoles, chess, board games, and more. How awesome is that?

The employee game room at the offices of Excellent WebWorld. Shot of EWW’s games room

Employee awareness benefits the quality of work

Excellent WebWorld's favorite DeskTime feature is – automated screenshots. Sanjay says that it helps their employees to remain conscious of their work. The consciousness while working has significantly raised the quality of the company’s output: “You can say that there are two main benefits – one is the security of work and the other one is productivity”.

“We use DeskTime not to be strict with the employees, but to ease their work management” - Paresh Sagar, the CEO of Excellent Webworld

The automated screenshots feature is preferred by EWW for another reason. Sanjay says that it’s highly effective when it comes to spotting employees who are struggling with their work tasks and maybe lack the nerve to ask for guidance and mentoring. This DeskTime feature is used as a helping hand to notice such situations. The company then can assist its employees with their performance, which, in the long run, results in higher self-esteem of those working at EWW. Moreover, Sanjay tells us that employees tend to feel more goal-oriented as they feel taken care of and valued.

The company further added that sometimes it may happen that high performers of the company may go unnoticed, and that’s where DeskTime helped them a lot. Thanks to tracked work time activities, praise and incentives can be accordingly awarded. Sanjay says that DeskTime helped them to make fair decisions on the working patterns of employees.

Work in the time of coronavirus

As for many companies around the globe, EWW has been taken by surprise by the COVID-19 virus and its accompanying restrictions. Consequently, they've had to move their operations out of the office. Sanjay says that having already been DeskTime users was a significant help in transitioning to a remote environment.

“The DeskTime was best put to use during the COVID-19 lockdown as the whole staff has switched to remote work.”

Excellent WebWorld was able to continue serving their clients despite a global pandemic, thanks to both the digital nature of the business, as well as because the team was already familiar with DeskTime and was able to swiftly move to a remote environment, maintaining their in-office productivity goals.

In conclusion

Excellent WebWorld has shown that the combination of their approach towards clients and a goal-oriented workforce brings results. The company was named Top Mobile App Development Company by Clutch in 2019, Top App Development Company in Canada by GoodFirms, and Best eCommerce Development Company by TopDevelopers. And with the soaring productivity rates that EWW has attained after starting to use DeskTime, there is undoubtedly more success to come.

Using DeskTime has helped Excellent WebWorld employees mobilize their performance and make sure that their work quality is on-point. In the IT industry, where maintaining high levels of productivity and efficiency can result in standing out from a busy crowd, a helping hand with raising performance levels can be crucial. EWW is sure that time tracking can only benefit in this case, and that DeskTime has played an instrumental role in raising company productivity levels to 100%.