DeskTime vs. Workpuls: analyze the alternative time tracking solutions

Inspect the side-by-side comparison and review of DeskTime and Workpuls, and pick the best time tracking software alternative for you.

DeskTime vs. Workpuls: analyze the alternative time tracking solutions

The best features side by side

DeskTime Workpuls


Paid monthly:

PRO - 5.94$/user/mo
Premium - 7.75$/user/mo
Enterprise - 11.88$/user/mo

Paid annually:

PRO - 5.44$/user/mo
Premium - 7.06$/user/mo
Enterprise - 10.88$/user/mo

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Paid monthly:

Employee monitoring - 6$/user/mo
Time tracking - 8$/user/mo
Automatic time mapping - 15$/user/mo

Paid annually:

Employee monitoring - 4.80$/user/mo
Time tracking - 6.40$/user/mo
Automatic time mapping - 12$/user/mo

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Time tracking


Requires clocking in/out

Idle time tracking

Add time manually

URL Tracking

Document title tracking


Individual project and task tracking

Auto screenshots

Manual screenshots

Project cost calculation

Employee absence tracking

Custom user settings

Stops automatically, no tracking after work hours

Private time option

Break time option

IP restrictions for tracking

Productivity and efficiency analysis

Divide employees in departments

Divide employees into teams

Live time tracking

Offline modeTracks time if there is no internet connection

Integrations with 3rd party apps

Shift Scheduling

DeskTime vs. Workpuls - which alternative time tracking solution should YOU choose?


to track work hours even if there's no internet connection

CHOOSE: DeskTime

Despite the feeling that every work-related task requires screen time in the 21st century, it's not entirely true. Even dedicated office workers have duties that take their gaze away from the computer screen, such as meeting clients, team brainstorming sessions, and more. When choosing a time tracking tool, it's crucial to explore whether it offers an offline time tracking solution to access precisely tracked work time stats.

DeskTime's time tracking tool provides an Offline time tracking feature. It allows employees to manually log in hours in the time tracker to ensure that all of their work is being noticed.
Additionally, offline time tracking is convenient when billing clients by the hour. Phone calls and meetings are an equally important part of one's work, and it shouldn't go unnoticed and unpaid.

DeskTime's offline tracking feature also allows one to mark the productivity of the time spent away from your screen. Was it a meeting with a client, a team brainstorming session, or something else? For those who analyze their productivity and efficiency levels, this feature provides objective feedback, including the offline work time into the overall productivity analysis.


to track your remote team's work time

CHOOSE: DeskTime Workpuls

With the growing need for flexible work, managing remote teams has become top of mind for many managers. Both DeskTime and Workpuls offer features to alleviate the process of remote team management.

Both platforms analyze employee computer use habits and make the data available to both the employees themselves as well as their managers, thus bringing valuable feedback to the table. The raw data both apps offer makes it possible to dive deep and analyze individual and organization-wide productivity for increased insight.

At their core, the apps offer attendance tracking, activity and website tracking, and reports. While at a similar price point, Workpuls pricing provides a more slimmed-down version of what DeskTime offers – which is supplemented with added features such as project tracking, invoicing, shift scheduling, and more.


a project time tracking solution that works with niche tools

CHOOSE: Workpuls

Workpuls provides you with entirely automatic time mapping to effortlessly analyze the time required for each of your projects. If you're specifically a design, architecture, or insurance company, Workpuls may be a good fit for you. It works with the most commonly used niche tools, such as Autocad, Autodesk Revit, Adobe XD, Sketch, Axxis Systems, Vertafore, and more.

As a project time tracking solution Workpuls lets you check how much time was spent on each stage of a project and accurately predict the resources needed for the next steps. The great thing about this tool is that it doesn’t require any manual input from employees - the time tracker automatically assigns work to the respective projects.

For example, all work completed in specific technical programs is assigned to corresponding projects and tasks. Besides, Workpuls provides you with comprehensive records of the time taken to complete each project stage.

As an alternative to Workpuls DeskTime also has a Project tracking feature and Project costs calculation, allowing you to see how much time is spent on each project and calculate accurate project costs. The features provide valuable insight into any completed projects and lets you make informed decisions about how long might a similar project take or the expected expenses. DeskTime is focused on more general projects, while alternatively Workpuls might be better suited for design teams, architecture companies, and agencies working on more technical projects.


to protect employee privacy

CHOOSE: DeskTime

Time tracking can be a sensitive topic when it comes to employee privacy, and it’s not always an easy thing to balance. If giving your employees a sense of privacy is essential, DeskTime offers a host of tools to make that a reality.

IP restrictions make it possible to set tracking only to company offices. This protects employees who bring their laptops home, making sure their at-home computer usage isn’t tracked.

DeskTime also lets employers set up trackable hours and can set a cut-off time when DeskTime no longer tracks time. This is another safety feature, which ensures that leisure computer surfing isn’t inadvertently tracked.

Since Workpuls requires manual clocking out and doesn’t offer automatic time tracking cut off times, it’s likely to keep tracking even after-hours by accident. For increased employee privacy protection – DeskTime will be a great Workpuls alternative.

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