Project time tracking software for effortless project management

Are you unhappy with your current project time tracking software? Perhaps you're not tracking your company's time at all? You might be losing precious time and resources. The DeskTime project time management tool gives you complete control over your company's time consumption, lets you track individual projects and tasks, and helps you manage your employees' workflow as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

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How does DeskTime project time tracking software work?

Using the Projects feature, the DeskTime time tracker allows an entire team or a group of employees to work on the same project. Later, you can see the total time spent on the project and divide it up individually to see who has contributed and how much time.

See exactly how much time projects take

See exactly how much time projects take

With the DeskTime project time tracker, you can set realistic deadlines, better organize your own and your team’s workflow, and estimate the time needed for similar projects in the future.

Estimate potential project costs

Estimate potential project costs

DeskTime's Project feature allows you to estimate the potential costs of a new project. Create a project, set up project, task, or employee-specific hourly rates, and add an allocated budget to see how the actual work stacks up to your estimate.

Create detailed project reports in seconds

Create detailed project reports in seconds

Forget about writing project reports manually. DeskTime makes detailed reports with all the necessary information on the project – from each employee's productivity to the total time spent on a project.

How to start project time tracking with DeskTime?

  • Right click on the DeskTime icon in the desktop taskbar

  • Click Project Manager – Start / Stop / Create

  • Name your project and click Start

  • Click Stop to finish tracking your project

  • Read the complete guide to using the DeskTime Projects feature!

Here's what you can do with the DeskTime Projects feature


Ensure that only the relevant people have access to a particular project

When you create a new project on the DeskTime app, you can limit who has access to it and who can track time for this project. This way, you'll ensure that the data you're getting from the project tracker is as accurate as possible, decreasing the chances of someone adding their time to the wrong project by mistake. Plus, if it's a sensitive project that you don't want everyone in your team to know about, this feature ensures that only those who are in-the-know will see it.

See how your work stacks up to your budget estimate

See how your work stacks up to your budget estimate

When you're planning a new project, it's important to see how the budget you've allocated for this task is used up. You can enter the estimated budget in DeskTime's app and later see how the actual work being done stacks up to your estimate.

Assign project or task-specific hourly rates

Assign project or task-specific hourly rates

You can set default hourly rates for your team members, but some projects or tasks might require different rates. Not a problem with DeskTime's software – simply put in the project or task-specific hourly rate for each employee for a more accurate project cost estimate.

Integrate DeskTime with other project management tools – Asana, Jira, and more

Integrate DeskTime with other project management tools – Asana, Jira, and more

If your team uses project management apps like Jira, Basecamp, Asana, or others, set up the integration with DeskTime for seamless project time tracking.

Frequently asked questions

If you're already tracking time with the DeskTime app, adding project tracking to it is as easy as one-two-three. All you need to do is create a new project and click "start"; from that point on, the time you're tracking will be assigned to that particular project. Once you're done, click "stop," and the project tracking will end.

You can switch from one project to another, add subtasks, and have relevant team members working on the project at the same time. You can also assign time to a project manually later; if you forgot to turn on the project tracker or were working away from the computer, DeskTime's project time tracking software lets you edit the tracked time manually.

It depends on the pricing plan you choose. You can have up to 1,000 active projects in the DeskTime time tracker if you subscribe to the Pro or Premium plan; the Enterprise pricing plan offers unlimited projects. If you work with a project management tool like Basecamp or Jira, you can import the already-existing projects into DeskTime, so you don't have to create each project manually from scratch. However, when you track time, you can work only on one project at a time. If you switch tasks or multitask, you need to change the project on DeskTime's tracker to make sure that the time is assigned correctly.

With the project time tracking software, you can find out precisely how much time a specific task takes. This way, you can bill your clients accurately, using the exact data to calculate payments. If you're a manager, you can also keep an eye on how a project is progressing – see if your team members have already started working on the task that they're supposed to be focusing on and check in on how they're doing.

Project tracking can also help you challenge assumptions about the time that goes into something. You might think that a certain task will only take a couple of hours, but then it turns out that you needed a whole day to handle it. Once you have the data, you can analyze it and spot the problem areas, seeing which activities ate up the most time. All of this knowledge can later help you plan future projects as well; after you've seen how one project developed, you'll have a better idea of what to prepare for when something similar comes up again. Your team and clients will certainly appreciate it when you set realistic deadlines based on the data-backed experience from previous projects.

You can also save time on writing reports; all of the information will be available to you in the DeskTime app, and you can generate precise reports at any time. You'll get the most accurate data, and your team will no longer have to waste time filing paperwork. This way, DeskTime's project management time tracking software can become an indispensable part of your day.

Yes, absolutely! The project time tracker is not just for team managers – freelancers can also benefit from it. Use the time tracking feature to show your clients exactly what you were working on and how long. This way, you'll have proof of work, and you'll be able to bill your clients accurately.

Yes, the project tracker lets you add smaller subtasks, so you can see a more detailed breakdown of how much time goes into each activity. This can also give you an overview of how much time different departments had to spend on the specific project. You can see how many hours of developers' work went into it, how much time the design time contributed, etc. When you create a new task on DeskTime, you can add a description, attach files, assign the task to a specific employee, set task-specific hourly rates, a deadline, add labels for easier filtering, and do much more.