Keeping the business ‘in the know’ with DeskTime

Keeping the business ‘in the know’ with DeskTime

“We’ve found that our people take a lot of pride in being able to demonstrate high productivity. Some teams have even had internal mini competitions based on the stats,” says Przemek Koszka, the Director of Technology at Diversity Travel.

Diversity Travel is a travel management company that provides 24/7 service, unique travel technology and specialist fares to the academic, charity and public sector markets.
Diversity has an expanding team of dedicated travel professionals providing expert support from their offices in Europe, North America, and Australasia.

Process improvement across different departments

Diversity Travel uses DeskTime differently in each of its 8 departments that employ 148 staff in total. “The variety of applications is one of the key reasons why we invested in DeskTime. It helps us retain our position as one of the leading specialist global travel management companies,” Przemek explains.

Some departments use DeskTime as a timekeeping tool, some as a monitoring app and others focus on the productivity side of things. The company’s Operations and IT departments are good examples of very different, yet equally effective use of DeskTime.

For example, the Operations team uses DeskTime for monitoring and improvement:

  • Lateness tracking

  • Remote team monitoring

  • Core application usage

The IT department, on the other hand, focuses on productivity - e.g. which applications developers spend the most time on. Later the teams can discuss ways to improve their working patterns, for example:

  • Frequently looking at and reading PDFs may indicate that teams or individuals require additional training

  • Spending a lot of time in emails suggests that projects are not managed via other tools etc.

“The data DeskTime provides helps us understand and improve our processes, which ultimately benefits our teams and our customers, and helps us maintain our 98% client retention rate.”

DeskTime brings out the best in our staff

Before rolling DeskTime out, the company had numerous conversations with heads of departments, team managers, and staff to introduce the idea and the tool itself.

Przemek Koszka points out: “We focused on the benefits DeskTime offers for employees and teams, like transparency, and being able to improve individual work. After these sessions, the majority of our people understood what we wanted to achieve and were happy to take part and demonstrate their quality and efficiency in a new way.

DeskTime has helped bring out the best in our staff and, again, it’s our customers who benefit the most from this, something which is always top of our agenda.

We’ve found that our people take a lot of pride in being able to demonstrate high productivity; some teams have even had internal mini competitions based on the stats,” Przemek says.

Diversity Travel

DeskTime helps to complete the picture

As a global travel management company working in diverse sectors, Diversity Travel measures productivity in many ways - not only with time and productive app tracking. However, DeskTime helps the company complete the picture and gives insights into working patterns and behaviours.

Przemek explains: “The department heads and team managers each look at the aspects of DeskTime that are relevant to them and their people, and analyse the reports within the tool.

We also use the DeskTime API to incorporate high levels of information into our operational and board level reports, keeping the business in the know at all times.”

Director of Technology reveals the biggest benefit of using DeskTime at Diversity Travel - the ability to review hard data about the company’s back-office application. He explains: “The general perception was that we only use the application for “a moment” with every customer transaction. It turned out that we are spending over 30% of our time in that tool. This insight helped us to review the process and dramatically increase efficiency by improving the speed of the app.”

One of Diversity Travel’s four core values says: “We always look to improve our products, services and ourselves”. And DeskTime has undoubtedly helped the company to achieve that.