Mobile time tracking wherever you, your employees, and your work go.

DeskTime's mobile time tracking allows you to access the benefits of computer-based time tracking without bringing your laptop computer with you.

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No-compromise mobile time tracking done your way

No-compromise mobile time tracking done your way

DeskTime’s phone time-tracker app is more than just a timer, it’s a fully featured productivity logger that makes it fast and simple for you to track either your own or your employee’s work time. With two easy options when working away from the computer, project-based time tracking and manual time tracking, you’re sure to capture every important minute of the work day.

One mobile time tracking dashboard to rule them all

One mobile time tracking dashboard to rule them all

DeskTime mobile time tracking app’s intuitive and easy-to-navigate dashboard provides you with all the critical features of the desktop version right at your fingertips, including team member management, offline time assigning, and project progress. And with four simple toolbar options, you’ll see the same neatly organized productivity information and reports on every member of the company as if on your computer.

Precision mobile employee time tracking

Precision mobile employee time tracking

Whether your employees are traveling for work, seeing a client, or having a business meeting, they always have DeskTime’s phone time-tracker app keeping track of their hours. The app and its tracking work even offline, so you can rest easy, knowing that their reports on what they’ve done during those work hours are available to you from your own smartphone.

Mobile time tracking for all iOS and Android mobile devices

Mobile time tracking for all iOS and Android mobile devices

DeskTime’s mobile time tracking app works for phones and tablets, no matter whether they’re iOS- or Android-based. This ensures that your team and you see the same consistent information across all devices even if using their own.

  • For all iOS and iPhone devices, version 12+

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  • For all Android phones and devices, version 4.1+

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Looking for time tracking for your desktop computer?

Use the DeskTime time tracker for desktop on Linux to increase your and your team's productivity.

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The benefits of mobile time tracking for all

Mobile time tracking offers numerous benefits to everyone regardless of their occupation. Whenever there is accountability involved, using a mobile time tracking app is a sure way to log and track down the hours to the exact minute for the time spent on work itself.

Company owners and their employees

You and your employees know that micromanagement is time consuming and counterproductive. By using a mobile employee time-tracking app, you can see exactly how your employees are performing by their productivity levels. You’ll also know what they’re doing at any one moment so that you can give them meaningful feedback without tailing them.

Traveling business people

No matter if you’re a lawyer, an artist, an insurance person, or someone else, it can sometimes be difficult to keep track of time spent on travel, especially on those long trips to places to see a businessperson or client. In order to get reimbursed for any expenses, using DeskTime’s phone time-tracker app, you’ll no longer need to worry about lost hours.

The mobile tradesmen

Whether self-employed or an employee, never let paid time slip by and become unpaid. Calculate the exact hours spent on performing work, buying tools or materials, and traveling. Then after all is said and done, you can retrieve a report from DeskTime’s mobile time tracking app.

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