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Benefits from tracking your personal time

Benefits from tracking your personal time

Understand where your time goes

No more “lost” hours. Be aware of how you spend each and every minute of your day.


Boost your productivity

Time tracking can raise your productivity level by up to 30%. Become more efficient and get more done with this personal productivity app.


Master your habits

Spot unwanted patterns and catch unproductive daily habits. Learn how to be a pro in time management and squeeze the most out of your day.

DeskTime personal time tracking app

Project cost calculation and billing for consultants

Would you like to be in full control over where your time goes? DeskTime is a personal time tracking software that offers automatic time tracking. Our desktop app has an automated time tracking start and stop function. No need to worry about forgetting to turn on/off timers when working on your PC. Ever. DeskTime does it all for you throughout the day, everyday.

Best DeskTime features for personal time tracking

Pomodoro timer

Pomodoro timer

Working hard is great. But taking breaks is essential for maintaining efficiency. DeskTime time tracking app makes sure that you don't forget to rest from time to time. The built-in Pomodoro timer can be activated to remind you to take a break every 52, 60 or 90 minutes. Why 52? Here's why.

Offline time tracking

Productivity bars

The DeskTime time tracking app offers a solution for tracking the time spent away from your computer. The feature gives more precise overlook for where all of your time goes both online and offline. Life happens everywhere, not only on our computers. With DeskTime you can add details about the time spent offline and mark whether it's been productive, unproductive, or neutral.

URL and app tracking

Tracked apps

Receive the best productivity and efficiency overview you can possibly have! DeskTime tracks URLs and apps you've visited and used throughout the day. Moreover, they can be divided into productive, unproductive and neutral which allows DeskTime to calculate your productivity. Catch those apps and sites that steal your time on a daily basis and make a change towards higher efficiency.

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Benefits from tracking your personal time

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2 major benefits of using time tracking apps

Employee productivity and time tracking for companies

Among the numerous benefits of using time tracking and personal productivity apps, two stand out above all–knowledge and accountability. Knowing how and where you spend your time and remaining aware of that during the day both serve as performance-boosting elements.

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