Use your time tracking app for your personal benefit

Three simple ideas how you can use DeskTime to prioritize your tasks, plan your schedule, and ease your work life.

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Get more things done in three easy steps

1. Group your apps to help you prioritize your tasks

Balance your private time and work with a personal time tracking app

Got too many things on your plate and no idea where to start? That's overwhelming and usually leads to unnecessary stress and anxiety.


Start prioritizing. Setting clear priorities and sticking to the plan is crucial for keeping yourself sane.

Here's how

Track my time at work

First, identify apps and programs directly related and crucially needed to complete your top priority tasks.

Then, go to "My DeskTime" and these apps in category Productive. Everything else goes into category Unproductive.

Now, make sure you spend at least 80% of your time on the selection of apps you have in the category Productive. That way, you'll be using most of your time on top priority tasks.

2. Create your daily schedule based on actual data from your private time tracker

Create your daily schedule based on actual data

You may think some task takes just an hour to complete, when in fact it takes two. At the end of the day, you're an hour short and have to steal this time from your private life.

Solution? Find out exactly how much time it takes for you to complete your tasks. Then, use the data to plan your schedule.

Here's how

Manage projects on DeskTime

Go to DeskTime "Projects" and create a new project. Activate the timer when you get to work, then stop it when you're done.

Using this feature as a timer, you'll find out exactly how much time you need for certain tasks and be able to plan your day more precisely. Most importantly, avoid unnecessary time-related stress.

Want to try this? Check this step-by-step guide on how to start a project.

3. Plan your day around your most productive times

Plan your day with DeskTime personal time tracker

There are people who are most productive in early mornings, and those who literally hate mornings and prefer to work in the evenings.

Therefore, schedule important tasks at times when you're the most productive. That way, you won't be wasting your time when you can't focus, and end up spending more time on some tasks than you had planned.

Here's how

Use a private time tracker to analyze your productivity

Use DeskTime to find your most productive times - just open your "Dashboard" and look at the graph on the top left. Find the hours of the day with the highest productivity percentage, then try to plan your schedule around them.

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