How DeskTime's productivity stats help Nexus Auto Transport promote professional growth

How DeskTime's productivity stats help Nexus Auto Transport promote professional growth

What would you do if you had to get your car from one side of the country to another but didn't have the time to take on the drive yourself? Enter Nexus Auto Transport – a vehicle shipping company that'll get the job done for you.

Nexus is one of the most trusted and fastest-growing car transport providers in the US, offering an all-inclusive service. The company takes particular pride in its customer service which sets them apart in the competitive industry. And Nexus approaches team management with the same mindset of putting the people front and center, too.

“We’re a people-first company. We always have been. And with the help of tools like DeskTime, we’re able to make advancements without sacrificing the personal touch that got us where we are today.” – Nexus owner George Arkin

Managing a growing global team

The company was founded in 2015 as a single-person operation in Chicago and has now grown into a team of 77 across five countries. Nexus works with car dealers, online car auction providers, household moving services, and clients from various backgrounds. So keeping things organized in a company with so many moving parts (literally and figuratively) brings its own set of challenges where precision is always the key. DeskTime helps the company strike a balance and make strides without sacrificing the people-first approach.

According to Arkin, DeskTime’s productivity and time-keeping tools are essential to improve teamwork, whether in their customer service department or web development team. “Without the help of DeskTime, things would be a lot harder for us. We want results, of course. But we also want to be fair and understanding of the needs of our diverse employee base.”

Nexus has been using DeskTime to track time for seven years now, and the app has become an indispensable part of Nexus' workday.

It has replaced the previous clocking in/out system, eliminating opportunities for timecard cheating. In addition to that, the automatic nature of the software means that both employees and managers alike don't have to worry about forgetting to log their hours.

The time tracking goes hand in hand with the Shift Scheduling feature, too. Nexus' employees can see their shifts right in the app, which smooths the planning and managing process – no need to jump from one tool to another. This makes life easier for managers as well; they can see the big picture in their teams (who's working and when, how the workloads are distributed etc.) and make necessary changes instantly on the go. The Absence Calendar comes in handy as well – managers and teammates can see who's supposed to be at work every day. It's especially useful since Nexus' team works remotely, and this way, everyone knows who they can count on to be at work on a given day.

Meanwhile, DeskTime's reports and precise tracking data help Nexus adhere to the different regulations for hourly/salary employees in the United States, Turkey, and elsewhere, streamlining payroll operations for the accounting team. Not to mention all the paperwork this eliminates.

“There's no gray area with DeskTime. We can keep track of hours with utmost accuracy, follow payroll regulations in different countries, and track employee productivity to promote learning and professional growth. DeskTime is a luxury that I never want to go without.” – George Arkin

Putting professional growth in the spotlight

But although DeskTime's time tracking feature has become a vital part of the way Nexus organizes its workday, the app's true value for Arkin lies in its productivity statistics. He sees DeskTime as a valuable teaching tool above anything else, and it's precisely the depth and clarity of the productivity tracking system that makes DeskTime irreplaceable for Nexus.

“We don’t treat our employees as numbers. They’re people. And we’re invested in their development. DeskTime is one of the most user-friendly pieces of software I’ve ever encountered. And it helps our employees immensely when it comes to analyzing their workflow and identifying areas for improvement,” says Arkin.

In a company where self-starting is not only preferred but essential, DeskTime gives employees the regular, detailed feedback they need to refine their processes and grow. They can take a deep dive into their productivity stats, seeing where their time actually goes. This way, team members can identify areas for improvement, figure out which times of the day are most productive for them, and spot the biggest time-sucks. Once they're equipped with this knowledge, they can implement the most effective changes.

“Learning and adapting, in my opinion, are hallmarks of a successful company,” Arkin explains.

“We see DeskTime as an opportunity for all of us to learn. We can be better and more productive each day. And DeskTime helps us achieve that.”