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Fully automatic time tracking and employee monitoring software for Mac. Keep track of the time spent on individual projects and tasks, monitor employee productivity, and provide accurate billing for your clients.

*DeskTime works on MAC 10.6 and up

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A versatile time tracking and productivity app for Mac

A versatile time tracking and productivity app for Mac

DeskTime is an all-in-one time tracking and productivity app for Mac including a wide variety of features – from a time tracker to employee computer monitoring tools, detailed productivity reports and much more. Whether you want to see where you have spent your own time or keep tabs on the working habits of your employees, DeskTime is the ultimate Mac solution for time management.

Track time automatically

Track time automatically

With DeskTime, you can easily track your or your employee’s time without any hassle. You don’t even need to start and stop the timer because the app does it automatically. The tracker stops as you step away from your computer for several minutes, then restarts when you come back.

Track time offline

DeskTime for Linux

If you or your employees spend a lot of time out of the office, DeskTime’s offline time tracking feature will help you avoid that time from being undetected. Just find the idle time in your daily time tracking report and log these hours manually.

Monitor employee activities

DeskTime for Mac OS

DeskTime offers a variety of employee monitoring features for Mac. Use document title and URL tracking, as well as auto screenshots to keep an eye on your employees' daily activities. In the meantime, the detailed productivity reports will help you identify inefficient working habits.

Invoice clients accurately

Invoice clients accurately

If you bill your clients by the hour, the ability to track work hours spent on each project will allow you to provide precise billing for them. Instead of making rough estimates, use the tracked hours from DeskTime when you create your invoices.

Let DeskTime help your employees

DeskTime for Mac OS

DeskTime can be a great resource not only for employers but for employees as well. With features like the built-in Pomodoro timer and the Private time option, it can help your team have a more balanced workday.

Using DeskTime time tracking software for Mac

Once you have installed it, DeskTime will launch automatically whenever you start your computer. For individual project tracking, use the Projects feature – create a new project and task, or select one from the pre-created list. Then, click the “Start Timer” button to start tracking.

1. Drag DeskTime to your Applications folder.

2. From your Applications folder double-click on DeskTime.

3. Sign in to your DeskTime Account, with your email or social account.

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