Uppnå bättre resultat med mjukvara för tidrapportering och mätning av produktivitet

Team kan bli 30% mer effektiva med hjälp av DeskTimes tidrapportering, vilket hjälper bolag att spara i genomsnitt 50,000$ om året i förlorad tid

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Uppnå och överträffa dina mål

Uppnå och överträffa dina mål

Hjälp ditt team att prestera till 100%, förbättra verksamhetens resultat och öka tillväxten.

Hjälp bolaget att spara pengar

Hjälp bolaget att spara pengar

DeskTimes mjukvara för tidrapportering och mätning av produktivitet kostar från endast 18$ i månaden, med så lite som 5.50$ per användare, och besparar bolaget tiotusentals kronor om året.

Fokus på bolagets tillväxt

Fokus på bolagets tillväxt

Låt DeskTime hålla ordning på teamet och få mer tid till att fokusera på att utöka verksamheten.

Tidrapportering & mätning av produktivitet för bolag

DeskTime är ett helt automatiskt system för tidrapportering och mätning av produktivitet som hjälper dig att hitta ineffektiva vanor inom bolaget. Med DeskTime kan du maximera teamets effektivitet, bli av med manuella tidrapporter och skapa precisa rapporter att dela med kunderna eller ledningen.

Topp 3 sätt som bolag använder DeskTime för tidrapportering och produktivitet på

Atklājiet nevajadzīgās darbinieku aktivitātes

Identifiera ineffektiva vanor

DeskTime hjälper dig att identifiera ineffektiva vanor som kan begränsa bolagets tillväxt. Få dagliga, veckovisa eller månatliga rapporter om dina mest produktiva anställda, och de som kan behöva mer handledning.
Attālināti strādājošo darbinieku darba laika un produktivitātes uzskaite

Tidrapportering och mätning av produktivitet för anställda som jobbar på distans

Under rätt omständigheter kan anställda som jobbar på distans vara billigare för bolaget än anställda på plats. Håll ett öga på anställda som jobbar på distans med funktioner för tidrapportering och skärmbilder, och spara pengar på att endast betala för produktiva arbetstimmar.
Pārvaldiet projektus un aprēķiniet izmaksas

Hantera projekt och beräkna kostnader

Använd projektfunktionen för att se hur mycket tid ditt team tillbringar på vissa projekt, och var extra resurser krävs. Ange personalens timlön och se hur mycket varje projekt kostar bolaget. Sedan kan du använda den informationen när du fakturerar bolagets kunder.

Användarvänliga funktioner för tidrapportering

Pomodoro taimeris


Den mest produktiva personalen utgörs av de anställda som regelbundet tar rast från sina datorer. DeskTime-mjukvaran för tidrapportering har en inbyggd Pomodoro-timer. Var 52:a minut får den anställda en diskret påminnelse om att ta en rast och ladda sina batterier.
Privātā laika iespēja

Funktion för ”privat tid”

Ingen vill vara under konstant uppsyn. Funktionen för privat tid ger de anställda möjligheten att stänga av spårning och mätning. Arbetsgivaren kan inte se vilka webbsidor de anställda använder under sin privata tid utan endast den totala privata tiden som loggats under arbetstiden.
Darba laika iestatījumi

Inställningar för arbetstid

Vissa anställda tar hem sina datorer, vissa arbetar på distans och andra föredrar att stanna kvar efter kontorstid för att jobba på personliga projekt. Slå av spårning efter kontorstid, på helger och under semestern. På så sätt behöver dina anställda inte oroa sig för vad DeskTime rapporterar.


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Omdömen och recensioner från riktiga användare på Capterra, plattformen för recensioner av mjukvara.

Vad har chefer och direktörer som använder DeskTime att säga om produkten?

I was thinking about if there is a solution which can gather me all needed data about team productivity, and at the same time provide more flexible working hours to all team members. I found it possible with the DeskTime task and time management system. It is easy to control everything and I don't need to worry about employee working hours anymore.

We started using DeskTime for our whole team when we moved from Office to Work From Home. DeskTime helped us to form few work from home policies for our teams to work effectively. In the very first week, we started seeing a rise in overall productivity and accountability. DeskTime provides all the necessary features to manage your team remotely.

Desktime provides us with automatic time tracking reports, absence management, and holiday requests meaning we don’t have to worry about manually tracking our staff's work days and hours – all of this is automated. Reports are available which include staff productivity, arrival times, and project costing so we can immediately address any issues and provide support where necessary.

I would definitely recommend Desktime to any organization looking to offer remote work and flexible working hours.

COVID-19 compelled us to transition to a telework environment, and DeskTime provided us with the ability to oversee and maintain excellent productivity for our clients. Also, our teams are using their stats for competitive purposes, enhancing DeskTime’s use beyond just metrics.

Here at Omeron Technologies we believe in flexibility, responsibility and productivity. Flexible schedules and working places play a great role in the productivity and happiness of our colleagues. DeskTime offers the right support to keep all three beliefs in a perfect harmony, tracking employee progress whenever they work - be it early morning or late night.

As all of our staff work remotely, having DeskTime to monitor their activities has proved to be an invaluable tool in ensuring that people are doing what they are supposed to. I love the fact that I don't have to worry about keeping track of my hours as Desktime does it all for me. I also enjoy the articles written by the contributors.

We have been using DeskTime for more than a year now. We are overall very satisfied with this product. It has improved our team's productivity.

We needed to figure out how and where we were squandering time because our ultimate objective was to work smarter. That's when we discovered DeskTime – a single unified solution for time tracking, project management, invoicing, data analysis, and many other tasks. We started seeing the benefits of DeskTime during the Covid-19 outbreak and have been faithful to the software since.

DeskTime has been an invaluable tool not only for managing our growing team across the globe but also for raising employees’ awareness and increasing their engagement.

DeskTime is one of the best remote working tools that we came to know, we tried all sorts of employee management platforms, but with DeskTime we were able to identify the productive times efficiently which is great. It has given us an edge over these difficult times to ensure the work goes on.

There is no problem about Desktime, we love it :)

If you are concerned about the productivity of your employees and the applications they are using daily, then DeskTime is an amazing solution for you. It is cost-effective compared to the other time tracking software and has been helping us with boosting productivity. We definitely recommend this software to companies with both remote and office employees.

DeskTime is an awesome tool to not only monitor team's performance but also it helps to boost it. Our company productivity increased by 25% after using DeskTime. It's a must for small to corporate companies.

DeskTime has really helped us get a real-time snapshot of how and where our team spends their time. It’s helped us invest in better tools, boost productivity and improve our efficiency. It has also helped us identify some key employees who were previously flying under the radar – they've now quickly become great assets and given more freedom to work on complex projects outside their scope.

I deployed DeskTime across my organisation about 2.5 months ago and it was one of my best decisions during these weird times. We are a quick growing company and have moved everyone to work from home mode indefinitely! It's easy to not only track but also reward/give praise to one of our hardest working teammates. Highly recommended to all.

DeskTime helped us to overcome the challenges of time tracking and reporting, especially for the fully remote work situation due to COVID-19. It also helped us to maintain the performance of our workforce as expected, both for employee availability and daily schedules. If you have remote workers in your team, I definitely recommend DeskTime!

Given the pandemic, we were looking for contactless options to replace our legacy time & attendance management systems, which required manual input from users. We found DeskTime to be an effective tool that provides undisputable insights to both end-users & reporting managers, establishes transparency, and does not violate end-user privacy.

DeskTime has motivated our employees to develop a discipline during this unprecedented time of pandemic while everyone is working from their homes. It has improved some of the key aspects of our work lives like, our productivity, connectivity, and most importantly, work collaboration. We are glad to have DeskTime as a part of our team

The data DeskTime provides helps us understand and improve our processes, which ultimately benefits our teams and our customers, and helps us maintain our 98% client retention rate.

Desktime is a great tool for organizing time, analyzing deviations, and demonstrating effective work, whether working remotely or not. These types of tools allow the work-life balance that everyone desires.

If you're working as a freelancer, a writer, a blogger, or you're simply billing by the hour, DeskTime is the right kind of time tracking tool for you.

With DeskTime I am able to see how productive my employees are and how much work time they spend on work-related applications - that’s something many other time tracking software don't have.

When consulting multiple clients, it can be hard to track how much time you spend on it. With Desktime, I have a lot more precise information about when and which program I used, which gives me a clear view. My time registrations have highly improved with Desktime and I feel safe, knowing all my working time on my MacBook is tracked in Desktime.

Support has been on point and incredibly helpful. Excellent customer service. We have made right decision to go with DeskTime.

I would recommend DeskTime for companies with remote employees or home-office days - time tracking allows people who work remotely to feel certain that their work, effort, and dedication won't stay unnoticed. Since everything happens automatically, they can feel safe that any work their do will be logged and their hours adequately compensated.

DeskTime has been instrumental in helping our team work better remotely. We are now able to offer a more flexible policy where team members can work on their own schedules. We have seen improvements in time management and recommend Desktime to any business looking to track time or offer a more flexible remote work policy.

Better QA wants to be in a company where people can work from anywhere they want, as long as they do their job. After researching the market for multiple products, DeskTime fits like a glove, since it does just that. I can easily say that employees are being more productive when working 6 hours a day compared with the regular 9 AM to 5 PM hour job.

DeskTime has helped us find new ways to automate our workflows to free up time for important things like strengthening relationships with our customers.

DeskTime has helped us see where our staff can more efficiently tend to our personal injury cases and the injured clients who need us. Whether working from home or at the office, it has improved overall productivity, efficiency, and most importantly has shown our diligence to be there for our personal injury clients in Dallas-Fort Worth and beyond when it matters most.

DeskTime is a great solution to increase and control the productivity of our business. As we are an outsourcing company and work remotely alot, DeskTime is the perfect solution to keep track.