DeskTime vs. RescueTime: Comparing the alternatives

See these productivity apps side by side and choose which is right for you.

DeskTime vs RescueTime: compare the alternatives side by side and choose the time app that fits your needs.

The best features side by side

DeskTime RescueTime


Paid monthly:
PRO - 7$/user/mo
Premium - 9$/user/mo
Enterprise - 14$/user/mo

Paid annually:
PRO - 6$/user/mo
Premium - 8$/user/mo
Enterprise - 12$/user/mo

Additional discounts apply for teams.

Paid monthly:

Paid annually:

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14 Days

Automatic time tracking

Project time tracking

URL Tracking

Vacation and absence tracking

Optional screenshots

Cost calculation

Department divisions


Live time tracking

Webpage blocking

Private time

Offline modeTracks time when there is no internet connection

Shift Scheduling

Supported on:

Windows, Mac, Linux

Windows, Mac

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Which time tracker is best for YOU?


A productivity-based business management tool

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DeskTime gives a better overview of what's happening from a business perspective, and lets you plan tasks according to available talent resources.

With project tracking you can understand how much work is going into a particular project or task, as well as keep track of who's doing what, and when you can expect results.

The vacation and absence feature lets you plan employee vacation times, and making it available for the whole company to see, to better understand who's away from the office.

The helpful project cost calculations increase the accuracy with which you can bill clients for hourly work, gain a precise understanding of employee workload, as well as provide transparency for pricing if your clients require it.


Time tracking for a large organization

CHOOSE: DeskTime

If your organization has several departments, it's very possible that they will have different standards of productivity. This is where DeskTime's employee categories come in handy.

DeskTime allows you to categorize employees into different categories, which can have different time tracking settings applied. For example, the marketing team would have social media platforms set as “productive”, while for programmers it would be set as “unproductive”.

Each category can have an assigned administrator, who can receive updates about absence, productivity levels, and project development.


Productivity awareness for employees

CHOOSE: DeskTime RescueTime

Both apps do an excellent job at making time tracking data available to the employees to be able to make conclusions about how they spend their time at work, and how their productivity can be maximized.

By viewing personal productivity reports, employees can easily understand where the majority of their time is going, which apps they use the most, and how they might improve their daily productivity ratings.


To break bad habits and set workday goals

CHOOSE: RescueTime

RescueTime has a built in feature that lets individuals set productivity goals. Goals are psychologically founded, because the RescueTime feature asks the individual list why this goal is important to them, thereby heightening the possibility of them following through.

The “get focused” feature lets individuals block off certain unproductive pages for a self-defined amount of time. This forces employees to work only with certain tools or apps that are deemed necessary to the project at hand.


Full accountability from team members

CHOOSE: DeskTime

Some employers demand full accountability from their employees, and DeskTime does just that. Managers can receive daily productivity and attendance reports to see who's at work, who's productive, and who's slacking.

With the optional screenshots feature, employers can make sure that the company's employees are working at tasks at hand, rather than wasting time on unproductive sites.

Start tracking your employees' time with DeskTime!

DeskTime: an app much like RescueTime (but delivers better business results)

A budget-friendly alternative to RescueTime that tracks productivity, projects, and accountability.

Project and cost calculation

Vacation and absence calendar

Daily business and productivity reports

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