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6 Signs of presenteeism in the workplace

Presenteeism in the workplace, whereby employees continue to work despite being unwell, can negatively impact workplace productivity. Are you equipped to spot its signs?

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Guest Author 18.04.2024

How to reduce job search anxiety: 8 actionable tips

This blog post defines job search anxiety, identifies its warning signs, and provides tips on how to deal with it so that your employment search feels manageable, not miserable.

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Guest Author 15.04.2024
Illustration of an office space

Employees admit to disturbing colleagues when bored at work. Here’s how to prevent it

Everyone knows that employees distracting each other is bad for business. Even a 15 minute gossip session daily adds up to 65…

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Guest Author 4.04.2024

How to have a career conversation with your manager

In this article, we take a look at what career development conversation is, why it matters, and how to discuss your professional growth with your boss.

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Guest Author 23.08.2023
Hybrid work model illustration

Tackling productivity challenges in a hybrid work model

The hybrid work model has become the new normal for many companies. How to stay productive while facing hybrid work hurdles? Read this article!

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Guest Author 29.05.2023
A person on an island

7 ways a workation can boost your work performance

Workation – infusing your work with a touch of holiday spirit.

Would you believe if I said workations are the magic ingredient in fulfilling your career aspirations?

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Guest Author 27.03.2023

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Unlimited PTO: What is it and what are the pros and cons?

Unlimited paid time off sounds like the best policy a company can adopt from an employee’s perspective. But is it, really? Read the article and find out!

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Guest Author 15.02.2023
Window seat

How does light affect your circadian rhythm and productivity?

Light, be it natural or artificial, has the most significant impact on our circadian rhythm and, in turn, our alertness and productivity.

How can you ensure that you have enough light exposure to keep your circadian rhythm steady?

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Guest Author 27.12.2022
eNPS illustration

What is eNPS, and why your employee engagement strategy needs it?

What is eNPS, how do you interpret the results, and can you apply them to improve employee engagement strategy at your company? Read on and find out!

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Guest Author 6.12.2022

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