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Making a freelancer portfolio from scratch as an SEO specialist

Do you want to start a freelance SEO career? Read about pitfalls, recommendations, and tips on building your first freelance portfolio to bring clients.

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Guest Author 17.12.2021
How to remedy work from home burnout

How to remedy work from home burnout

In this article, we’ll look into what is work from home burnout, what are work from home burnout symptoms and how to address them in the most efficient way. Read on!

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Guest Author 21.10.2021
Upskilling your team

Upskilling your team: The best approach for a successful result

Recently upskilling has proven to be far more than the mere filling of a skills gap for your team, but a vital…

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Guest Author 3.09.2021
Woman working on her passion project at home

Find your creativity and freedom with a passion project

Passion projects help many world movers become better at what they do. Done right, it can do the same for you too.

Read this post to find out why starting a passion project is a truly great idea and how to do that.

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Guest Author 31.08.2021
Various remote workers

7 Remote work trends every professional needs to bear in mind

The new normal is the definitive phrase that has been in widespread usage ever since job sectors globally caught on to the remote work trends in 2020.

Read on to be aware of the latest remote work trends to keep in mind as you forge your career path!

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Guest Author 27.08.2021
Illustration of a team video call

Improving remote employee engagement: actionable tips for managers and team leads

Remote work engagement is a common hurdle that leaders face as their teams shift to working from home. Explore these actionable tips for better remote employee engagement!

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Guest Author 28.07.2021

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A person working from home office

How to grow as a freelancer: actionable tips to level up your freelance career

Thinking of effective ways on how to grow as a freelancer is never easy.

But despite the relative instability of this career path, still, many professionals are choosing the freelance road.

Check out these tips on how to grow as a freelancer.

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Guest Author 28.06.2021
Illustration of people communicating in the workplace

15 Strategies to improve communication in the workplace

Due to the rise of hybrid work, communication in the workplace has become more important than ever before. How to make sure it’s efficient? Check out these 15 tips for improving communication at work!

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Guest Author 22.06.2021
Tired and anxious person not being productive

Anxiety and productivity: a tricky combination but here’s how to make it work

Anxiety and productivity at first can seem impossible to combine. How can one remain productive and efficient when dealing with stress-induced mental and emotional instability? Here are a few actionable tips that can help.

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Guest Author 18.06.2021

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