An indispensable tool for keeping Montway's payroll on track

An indispensable tool for keeping Montway's payroll on track

Montway Auto Transport is one of the largest and most reputable auto transport companies in the US. Montway's mission is to deliver 5-star vehicle-shipping experience by blending innovative logistics solutions with the team's excellent service. Montway's approach has earned the company countless satisfied customers in the moving and relocation, dealership, auctions, and the OEM industry sector.

What started in a small, 2-bedroom apartment in Chicago in 2006 has now grown into a global business with 260 employees across the US, Bulgaria, and Macedonia. In 2015 and 2016, Montway was named among the fastest-growing private companies in America by Inc.

“We have 25 teams and 20 different departments, and for the last 2 years, everyone in the company has been using DeskTime,” says Zheni Ivanova, payroll specialist at Montway.

The ultimate goal of Montway is to become the standard by which all vehicle-shipping is measured. In order to achieve that, Montway is very technologically inclined. “We're very pro-software, and DeskTime was the best way to track what our employees do and how productive they are.”

Zheni reveals that there are different time keeping requirements for each department and even country. As an example, there are no overtime regulations in Bulgaria and Macedonia. Or, some employees are paid on an hourly basis, others – on a monthly salary one. Even then, DeskTime easily keeps track of every process and employee.

For Zheni and the rest of the payroll team, DeskTime is an indispensable tool that helps keep everyone's paycheck on track.

“Through the years, we've looked into other payroll software options and their time and attendance modules.But to be honest, we could not find a better solution for our goals than DeskTime.”

Among the main reasons Montway uses DeskTime, Zheni names:

  • Accurately recording working hours

  • No clocking in and out every day and every break – DeskTime simply does this for every employee automatically

  • From a payroll perspective – when using DeskTime, there's no need to round up or down the working hours

  • Tracking productive apps and showing productivity data

  • There's no chance of “cheating” – if the PC is not connected to the Montway server, there's no other way to log in.

“There are many benefits. But as the main one, I would point out that DeskTime saves a lot of time filling out paper time sheets. The reports I use for payroll are great as well.”

Zheni explains that when looking at the team's productivity stats, it's easy to see who's had a productivity slump and who, on the other hand, has been working especially hard. In those cases, she always reaches out to that particular team's manager to act accordingly and reward the most productive team members.

“It's interesting that usually, employee’s DeskTime productivity reflects the actual results. I have noticed that the higher the productivity is in DeskTime, the better results the employee achieves in real life.”

To make sure every team member is on the same page regarding work time tracking and feels safe around it, Montway takes their time explaining to the employees everything they need to know about DeskTime. It's important to let everyone know how they can use time tracking to improve their results, what to expect from the software, emphasizing they can always turn on private time when needed.

“I haven't noticed any negativity around it, and I think that the team is very open and positive about tracking their time and seeing productivity stats,” says Zheni. That way, time tracking software can work as a self-motivational tool to constantly improve your workflow. What's even better – it's a great way to avoid micromanagement.

“The most important thing is that there's no need to control people or ask them all the time – are you on a break? What time did you arrive? What are you doing at the moment? DeskTime tracks everything, employees don't need to do anything.”

Asked who would benefit the most from using DeskTime, Zheni is sure: “I'd recommend DeskTime to the businesses we work with.” Other than that, any IT companies that have remote workers, as DeskTime makes it really easy to improve communication even with the employees who are not directly in the office.