An online attendance system to keep track of your team in real time

Replace your current clock in/out tool with DeskTime's online attendance system, say goodbye to unnecessary paperwork, and eliminate human errors. Our online time and attendance software lets you see data in real time, so you can check in on your team's status whenever you wish.

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The benefits of switching to an online attendance system

Why you should switch to an online attendance system

If you're a team manager, one question you're dealing with daily is – is everyone who's scheduled to work actually at work? And is everyone doing what they're supposed to be doing? There are different clock-in and out systems that you could use, but an automatic attendance management system that works online, such as DeskTime, is the smoothest way to keep track of your team. DeskTime automatically starts working the moment you turn on your computer, logging the arrival and departure times and tracking your computer activities throughout the day. This means you can say goodbye to manual timesheets, which are less reliable (human error, deliberate cheating, forgetting to fill in data, etc.) and more time-consuming to fill out.

How DeskTime's online attendance software works

How DeskTime's app works

DeskTime's time and attendance app starts tracking time the moment you switch on your computer. It logs your arrival time and tracks which apps and websites you spend time on during work hours. Once you're done and log off your computer, DeskTime notes the time when you ended your work day. DeskTime also detects idle time when there hasn't been any computer activity – when your employee was on a break or away from their computer for another reason. The tracked data is stored in the app and can be accessed online at any time from the DeskTime dashboard; plus, you can always download it in customized reports, too, for further inspection.

Online attendance system features DeskTime offers

Online attendance system features DeskTime offers

DeskTime provides many more features besides logging clock in/out times that can make your team management process easier:

  • Absence calendar: mark sick days, business trips, vacation times, or any other reason an employee will not be at work on a particular day.

  • Shift scheduling: organize your team's work right in the DeskTime app; mark the hours when everyone's supposed to work and compare that with actual real-time data on the day.

  • Offline time tracking: if your employees have to be away from their computers to complete some tasks, they can add this time to DeskTime manually later to count as part of their workday.

  • URL & app tracking and document title tracking: it's not just about being at work; it's also about the quality of work. DeskTime can track the apps and URLs your employees visit throughout the day, and you can then see if their time at work is spent productively.

Frequently asked questions

An online employee attendance system logs your team's work hours; it registers when an employee arrives at work and when they leave. But this is just the most basic function – apps such as DeskTime will provide you with much more information, including employee break times, productivity levels, hours spent working on particular projects, and much more. The information is automatically collected by the app and stored on a cloud, which means the data is always accessible to you in real time.

DeskTime is an all-in-one time tracking system that works automatically, so there's no input required from employees to log their work hours. The app launches the moment you turn on the computer and unobtrusively runs in the background throughout the day. You can check in on the status of your team at any time – the data is displayed in the DeskTime dashboard and updated online in real time. You can also download custom reports to dig in deeper. Plus, DeskTime offers many other team and project management features that can streamline your work process and save valuable hours.

With DeskTime, all you need to do is download the app for yourself and then add your team members. Once everyone's installed the app on their work computers, it will operate automatically, logging work hours, breaks, visited URLs and apps, and much more. At any time, you can see if your employees are at work, if they arrived on time, if they're working or browsing social media, etc. These features are especially useful if you're managing a remote team, which makes keeping track of your employees more challenging. DeskTime's online employee attendance monitoring system gives you access to their workdays at your fingertips.

If you use an online employee attendance system and if this system functions automatically as DeskTime does, you no longer need to use manually filled-in timesheets. This means that you reduce the possibility of human error when someone might fill in the wrong information by accident. You can also prevent buddy punching since DeskTime runs on each team member's own computer and launches when you turn on the computer. You also simply save a lot of time – since DeskTime works automatically, you don't have to worry about forgetting to log something or double-checking that everyone's filled in information about themselves. On top of that, DeskTime's data is available online to you at any time – you can go to the DeskTime dashboard and see everyone's arrival times, things they're currently working on, and much more.