DeskTime vs. Harvest: compare the alternatives

Compare DeskTime and Harvest time tracking apps side by side and choose the alternative that fits your needs best.

DeskTime vs Harvest: compare the alternatives side by side and choose the time tracking app that fits your needs best.

The best features side by side

DeskTime Harvest


Paid monthly:
PRO - 7$/user/mo
Premium - 9$/user/mo
Enterprise - 14$/user/mo

Paid annually:
PRO - 6$/user/mo
Premium - 8$/user/mo
Enterprise - 12$/user/mo

Additional discounts apply for teams.

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Paid annually:

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Time tracking



Idle time tracking

Add time manually

URL Tracking

Document title tracking


Invoicing directly from the app

Offline expenses

Individual project and task tracking

Auto screenshots

Project cost calculation

Employee absence tracking

Individual user settings

Stops automatically, no tracking after work hours

Private time option

IP restrictions for tracking

Productivity and efficiency analysis

Divide employees in departments

Live time tracking

Mobile app

for time tracking

for time tracking

Integrations with 3rd party apps

Shift Scheduling

With paid integration


Live demo training

Which time tracker is best for YOU?


to boost productivity

CHOOSE: DeskTime

DeskTime not just track time, but also programs, apps and URLs you and your team use throughout the day. At the end of the day, you can easily see how productive your day was by taking a look at your productivity percent.

DeskTime allows you to see which websites you've visited, and how long you've spent browsing them. You can analyze your daily habits and find your biggest time wasters, then block these distractions. The stats show that can help you boost your productivity by over 30%!

Harvest, on the other hand, won't track the URLs and apps you use, and the precision of their tracker is 100% depended on your ability to stay on task while the timer is on. That's why, when compared to DeskTime, Harvest is less useful for people looking to boost their daily productivity.


an invoicing and expenses tracking tool

CHOOSE: Harvest

One of the unique features Harvest offers to its users, is the option to create and email professional invoices to clients without leaving the app. The best part? Harvest will even automatically follow-up for you if an invoice is not paid in time.

DeskTime, on the other hand, does not offer an option to issue invoices directly from the app. However, that being said, it does have a built-in cost calculator - it allows you to set your hourly rate and DeskTime will automatically calculate how much you should charge your clients. Then, you can then simply copy the amount and paste it into your invoice template.


a time tracker to use with your team

CHOOSE: DeskTime

Compared to Harvest, DeskTime is fully automatic, which means that it starts automatically when you turn on your computer, and stops when you turn it off.

Not only employees won't have to start and stop the timer manually, but there are other features as well that make DeskTime one of the most employee-friendly time tracking apps. For example, anyone can turn on the Private time option whenever needed, and the time during that period won't be tracked. Or - you can specify in your settings that DeskTime tracks computer usage during working hours, then stops when the workday is over, even if the person continues to use the computer.

Harvest, on the other hand, is a rather simple timer that you have to start and stop manually. Like the stopwatch on your phone, just with the possibility to specify the task being worked on. While it does the job - tracks time - it requires manual input from employees, and thus may feel like a burden for the team.


to manage a remote team

CHOOSE: DeskTime

As an employer, you don't want to pay for hours your remote employees have spent procrastination and watching cat videos on YouTube. The DeskTime URL tracking and screenshots features allow you to make sure you know when your remote workers are working and when they're not, and pay for the productive hours only.

That may sound harsh, but our data have shown that some people waste up to 60% of their working hours. While everyone needs breaks - and that's definitely something you should encourage - spending over a half a day procrastinating is a bit too much, isn't it?

Harvest features are somewhat limited for remote employee tracking, as the timer must be turned on and off automatically. Besides that, the software lacks features (like URL tracking and screenshots) that would allow you to see what your team does when you're not in the same room.

Start tracking your employees' time with DeskTime!

DeskTime: An alternative to Harvest (but for teams)

The best alternative to Harvest that includes 10+ handy features for managing your team.

Fully automatic (starts and stops working when you do)

URL, app and document title tracking

Project tracking and integrations with project management tools

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