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DeskTime is a simple and secure time tracking app that lets you increase your company's effectivity and productivity.

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63 million hours. That's 7228 years.

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Monitor daily activity, sick leaves, vacations and overtime with ease, and get a clear overview of your team's workflow.

Track Apps, URLs & Offline Time

Access detailed data about apps and websites employees use and visit as well as the activities they've specified for their offline time.

Track Projects in Real-Time

Auto screenshots and activity rate trackers allow you to follow time spent on individual projects.

Get In-depth Insights and Reports for Billing

Easily customize, download and send CSV reports to give your clients precise information about the amount of work and time spent on different projects.

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Available on Desktop and Mobile

Oversee local or remote teams from both your desktop and mobile. Save time by looking over reports on the performance of your company while on the go.


Whether it's settings up, configuring or using DeskTime day-to-day, our Support Team is available on email, chat and voicemail.


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Arnis Jaudzems

Sixt General Manager in the Baltic States

DeskTime allows us not only to analyze and control, but to further understand the areas in which we can improve and do things differently, meanwhile saving on the most precious thing- time. It's an effective tool our employees use for self discipline as it helps them to see the little things that “steal” their time.