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Image of a toxic employee in the workplace

How to manage toxic employees in the workplace

In the workplace, trust and positive relationships among colleagues are important. So, when someone acts toxic, it can harm the atmosphere for…

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Rudolfs Millins 12.10.2023
Visual representation of blind hiring

Blind hiring – what it is and how it may help your business

Naturally, every company aims to get the best value when hiring for a position. But it’s not just about finding someone who…

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Rudolfs Millins 11.09.2023
Part time vs full time banner

Part time vs full time employees: how to make the right choice for your business

For any business owner, an important question is whether to hire a full-time employee or go for a part-time arrangement for a…

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Rudolfs Millins 16.08.2023
Person gaslighting another person

Gaslighting at the workplace: how to spot it and stand up for yourself

Have you been a victim of gaslighting at the workplace? Have you ever had someone constantly trying to persuade you at work…

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Rudolfs Millins 7.08.2023
An image depicting a man disconnecting a large power extension cord

7 tools to help you manage your email addiction

In today’s information-heavy world, email has become an essential part of our professional routines. However, if you find yourself constantly checking your…

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Rudolfs Millins 11.07.2023
An illustration of a tech stack

What you need to know before choosing a tech stack

Choosing the right tech stack is essential before starting development. Discover the key factors for making an informed decision in our comprehensive blog post.

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Rudolfs Millins 22.06.2023

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An artistic illustration of the left brain vs. right brain divide

Left brain vs. right brain – differences and how to leverage both at work

You’ve probably heard about being a “left-brain” or “right-brain” person in psychology. In this blog post, we will explore the differences between the two “brains” and how they interact in shaping our thinking.

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Rudolfs Millins 13.06.2023

Mastering billing increments: advantages and best practices

The well-known adage “time is money” is particularly relevant when it comes to billing increments. This is a method commonly employed by…

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Rudolfs Millins 3.05.2023

11 project tracking software tools for improving your workflow

Juggling multiple projects at once can seem overwhelming, but with the help of project tracking software, it becomes much more manageable.  With…

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Rudolfs Millins 16.03.2023

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