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Employee monitoring vs. productivity monitoring: what’s the difference?

Following the widespread adoption of remote and hybrid work, monitoring software in the workplace is also becoming ubiquitous. A recent ExpressVPN survey…

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Viesturs Abelis 22.01.2024
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The top 10 most productive countries in 2023

Who are the top 10 most and least productive countries in the world? How has the ranking changed compared to last year? And what trends may have affected it?

Find out all that and more.

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Viesturs Abelis 11.01.2024
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Executive blunders: Top 5 management fails of 2023

Management fails are common. Manager Betty sometimes gets short-tempered with her colleagues when deadlines are tight. Team lead Bobby sometimes forgets to…

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Viesturs Abelis 27.12.2023
how to make time go faster at work banner

How to make time go faster at work: 11 actionable tips and strategies

We’ve all wondered how to make time go faster at work when stuck in a useless meeting, while bored during downtime, or…

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How to manage notifications banner

How to manage notifications to stop them from killing your productivity

Everyone’s struggling with how to manage notifications. Notifications have become such a ubiquitous part of our lives that it may be difficult…

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Viesturs Abelis 13.11.2023
single tasking banner

How to use single-tasking to get more done

Single-tasking can significantly boost your productivity and well-being at work. But how can you integrate it into your day-to-day? With these 9 tips.

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Viesturs Abelis 6.10.2023

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returning to office after working from home article banner

8 tips for a smooth return to office after working from home

Many people find themselves returning to office after working from home, as companies are cracking down on fully remote positions. 

Learn how to make the transition smoother and more enjoyable.

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Viesturs Abelis 7.09.2023
drawing of man who doesn't know how to manage conflict in virtual teams

How to manage conflict in virtual teams

Over the last couple of years, the world has made strides in adapting to remote work, yet one element many managers continue…

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Viesturs Abelis 31.08.2023
Remote work etiquette banner

The definitive remote work etiquette: 10 rules everyone should follow

Remote work etiquette – yes, it’s a thing, and, no, it doesn’t mean you have to wear pants for Zoom meetings.  Things…

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Viesturs Abelis 14.08.2023

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