DeskTime vs Toggl: compare the alternatives

Compare the DeskTime and Toggl alternatives side by side and choose the time tracking app that fits your needs.

Compare the DeskTime and Toggl alternatives side by side and choose the time tracking app that fits your needs.

The best features side by side

DeskTime Toggl


Paid monthly:
PRO - 7$/user/mo
Premium - 9$/user/mo
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PRO - 6$/user/mo
Premium - 8$/user/mo
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Additional discounts apply for teams.

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PREMIUM - 18$/user/mo

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Idle time tracking

Add time manually

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Document title tracking



Individual project and task tracking

Auto screenshots

Project cost calculation

Employee absence tracking

Custom user settings

Stops automatically, no tracking after work hours

Private time option

IP restrictions for tracking

Productivity and efficiency analysis

Divide employees in departments

Live time tracking

Offline modeTracks time if there is no internet connection

Integrations with 3rd party apps

Shift Scheduling


Which time tracker is best for YOU?


to track computer using time to boost productivity

CHOOSE: DeskTime

While Toggl is more of a timer that lets you record how much time you've spent on specific tasks, DeskTime does much more than that.

DeskTime tracks what apps and programs you use and what URLs you spend your time on, allowing you to see precisely where your time goes. So, if your quick Facebook check has turned into hour-long browsing, you'll see that in your report.

Toggl, on the other hand, won't track what apps and URLs you've visited while the timer was on. It will show you the total time dedicated to a certain task, although you won't see if that time was spent productively or not. That said, the precision of your Toggl report will depend entirely on your ability to stay on task while the timer is on.


a simple, timer-like time tracking app


When compared to other time tracking tools, Toggl has always stood out with its simplicity. It's made for people who need to see how many hours they spend on certain projects and tasks, and that's what Toggl is great at showing.

The timer runs unobtrusively in the background, while it's still visible in the browser, so you can see how much time you've been working on a particular project or task. The only thing, as with any timer, it's important you turn it off when you're done.

You can also use DeskTime for the same purpose, thanks to its ''Projects'' feature. However, if the timer feature is the main thing you're looking for in your time tracking app, Toggl might be a more convenient solution.


an employee-friendly time tracking

CHOOSE: DeskTime

DeskTime offers a handful of features that make it probably the most employee-friendly time tracking software in the market.

For one, DeskTime starts automatically, so there is no manual input from the user. When the employee turns on the computer, time tracking starts and continues unobtrusively in the background. Toggl, on the other hand, must be activated and turned off manually.

Two, the employer can set the company's or each person's working hours. DeskTime will only track time during these hours and automatically stop at the end of the workday. That's especially important for employees who tend to take their laptops home for private use. Toggl has no auto-off, so it keeps running until the user remembers to turn it off.

And three, DeskTime's "Private time" option allows employees take time off during the workday, use the computer for their private needs, and this time won't be tracked. When the break is over, DeskTime will remind the user to turn the "Private time" off.


to track your projects and tasks

CHOOSE: DeskTime Toggl

When it comes to project and task tracking, there is no one clear pick - both DeskTime and Toggl are great apps for that. It all comes to whether you're very self-disciplined or not.

Choose DeskTime if you tend to multitask or if you're sure you won't remember to turn on and off your project/task timer.

DeskTime tracks not only URLs you've used during the day, but it also tracks document titles you've worked on. By giving your work documents descriptive titles, you'll later be able to decrypt how much time you've spent on each task, even if the timer was off or if you forgot to switch tasks. Then, you can assign this time manually to the particular project.

Choose Toggl if you can train yourself to use it actively and log everything, even your short, minute-long tasks you do. Toggl will send you push notifications if you forget to start the timer; however, that may sometimes be distracting.

On the bright side, Toggl has made it easy to create new projects - you can simply highlight a part of a text from an email, and it'll automatically create a new task or project with that name. Also, Toggl integrates with various third-party apps, which lets you start the timer directly from your project management tool.


an app that integrates with project management tools


Toggl offers more than a hundred integrations with third-party project management apps, including tools like Asana, Jira, Trello, and more. The integrations allow you to start the timer from your project management tool quickly, which is extremely convenient.

DeskTime can be connected to your Google or Outlook calendars to track offline times, as well as with the most popular project tracking apps - Jira, Trello, Basecamp, and others. While the integrations help track work done on imported projects, DeskTime does not offer the variety available in Toggl.


to keep an eye on your team

CHOOSE: DeskTime

DeskTime is specifically developed for teams, which makes it a better choice if you're managing other people.

DeskTime is a fully automatic time tracking software. So, compared to Toggl, it'll give you a more precise and objective overview of your team's productivity. With Toggl - while handy and easy to use, remembering to use it is one of the biggest problems for companies, so the reports may be unreliable.

Another thing DeskTime does better than Toggl - it tracks employee productivity. DeskTime records all productive and unproductive apps, programs, and URLs used during the day, then based on these recordings, it calculates employee productivity. That gives managers more detailed info on how their team is doing - something Toggl doesn't offer.

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DeskTime: a more team-oriented alternative to Toggl

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