DeskTime vs. Teramind: compare the alternatives

Compare the DeskTime and Teramind alternatives side by side and choose the time tracking app that fits your needs.

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Compare the DeskTime and Teramind alternatives side by side and choose the time tracking app that fits your needs.

The best features side by side

DeskTime Teramind


Paid monthly
Lite – free for 1 user only PRO – $7 /user/mo Premium – $10 /user/mo Enterprise – $20 /user/mo
Paid annually
Lite – free for 1 user only PRO – $6,42 /user/mo Premium – $9,17 /user/mo Enterprise – $18,33 /user/mo Additional discounts apply for teams.
Paid monthly: Starter – $12/user/mo UAM – $25/user/mo DLP – $30/user/mo Paid annually: Starter – $10/user/mo UAM – $21/user/mo DLP – $25/user/mo
FREE trial 14 days 7 days
Automatic time tracking
Idle time tracking
Add time manually
URL tracking
Document title tracking
Individual project and task tracking
Auto screenshots
Project cost calculation
Absence calendar
Custom user settings
Stops automatically, no tracking after work hours
Private time option
Pomodoro timer
IP restrictions for tracking
Productivity and efficiency analysis
Divide employees in departments
Live time tracking
Offline mode
Integrations with 3rd party apps
Shift scheduling
Keystroke recording

Looking for a Teramind alternative? Choose a time tracking tool according to your necessities


an employee-friendly time tracker


Remote and hybrid work is becoming more and more widespread, and the trend is not likely to disappear – quite the opposite. As a result, the question of how to make sure your team members are actually working when they're away from the office has become more urgent, too. A time tracker is an obvious solution to this problem – this is at the core of what DeskTime and Teramind is. But along with it comes a concern from the perspective of employees – how can they be sure that their privacy is protected?

DeskTime is one of the most employee-friendly tracking tools in the market, so it will be able to both satisfy your needs as a manager and put your team's minds at ease about being tracked. The focus of the DeskTime app is boosting productivity rather than monitoring every step an employee takes Big-Brother style. That's why the app offers several features that promote a healthy work-life balance to prevent too intense scrutiny and burnout. If you're looking for a Teramind alternative that puts employee well-being at its center, DeskTime might be just what you need.

The Private time option lets you deal with personal matters during work hours without worrying that the app might expose sensitive data. When you turn on private time, all tracking stops; later, when you get back to work, turn private time off, and the DeskTime app will resume tracking your activities.

You can also use DeskTime to encourage your team to take regular breaks. The Pomodoro timer lets you set up reminders to take a break after a specific time interval. Research shows that breaks are crucial for maintaining your productivity; otherwise, you're risking burnout and mental fatigue.

Plus, DeskTime is fully automatic, so your team won't have to worry about remembering to turn the tracker on and off. Once you've set everything up, the app starts tracking time automatically when you turn on the computer and stops at the end of the work day.


a tool to help you comply with strict data security laws and regulations


Suppose you work in an industry where potential data leaks and information security are of particular concern. In that case, the Teramind app offers various computer monitoring features that will help you protect sensitive information. The software can not only see which apps and URLs your team visits during the day or which documents your employees work on – it can go much deeper than that.

The Teramind pricing plans include lots of features: you can also take screenshots, log employees' keystrokes, record screens, and set up alerts to notify you if the app notices suspicious activity. It also lets you track which files are transferred or printed and even remotely take over an employee's computer.

DeskTime also offers a screenshot feature; you can choose the interval for screenshot capture and whether they should be blurred or not. But if closer employee activity monitoring is what you're after, then Teramind will be a better alternative to DeskTime; Teramind includes in its cost different scrupulous monitoring features for you to choose from.


to boost your and your team's productivity


Just because someone is at work doesn't necessarily mean that work is actually getting done. Work hours on their own don't mean much; it's the productivity that counts. Data shows that when you start using a tracking app like DeskTime, you can boost your productivity level by up to 30%.

If you compare Teramind vs. DeskTime, you can see that both let you track which apps and websites you spend time on during the day. They are classified as productive, unproductive, or neutral, and at the end of the day, you can see how productive and effective those work hours were and what ate up most of your time.

Since different teams work with different tools, the productivity status of each website or app can be adjusted according to that particular team's or even team member's needs. So, for example, you can put social media sites in the "productive" column for the marketing team; developers, on the other hand, are probably not being very productive if they're scrolling Twitter all day long.

The DeskTime productivity stats are visible not just to the manager – each team member can check in on their productivity. This way, everyone can figure out which times of the day are the most productive for them or which apps and URLs steal away attention for too long.


to keep track of projects and tasks


If your work is project-based, one of the things that you will be most interested in is how much time you spend on a particular task. It is essential if you need to bill your clients based on the hours spent doing the work.

You can get the most accurate data by using a time tracking tool, and both DeskTime and Teramind alternatives let you assign the time you're tracking to a particular project or subtask. Several team members can work on the project simultaneously, and in the end, you'll get a comprehensive view of how much time it really takes to accomplish a particular task. This lets you bill your clients precisely, and you have the data to back up the claims in your invoice. Additionally, it can help you plan for the future as well – once you have the data about how much time a certain type of project requires, you can use this knowledge to plan your resources next time something similar comes up.


an app that integrates with other project management tools


Whether you work alone or manage a larger team, many of us use project management apps to help keep track of the progress. DeskTime integrates with several project management and other planning tools that can help you streamline work processes.

If you use project management apps like Jira, Asana, Basecamp, or GitLab, you can integrate them with DeskTime to track the time spent on particular projects. Or, if Google Calendar is a big part of your day, you can automatically sync your calendar events with DeskTime. You won't have to worry about manually copying and pasting tasks from one app to DeskTime – the app will do that for you automatically, streamlining the process and letting you focus on the most important things.

Teramind also offers an integration with Jira and some other tools, but as a Teramind competitor, DeskTime comes out on top in this regard with different project management app integrations.

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