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Why being proactive matters + 20 ideas on how to be proactive at work

Being proactive is one of the best ways to improve your work life. But how to actually achieve it?

In this article, we’ll look at what proactivity means, why being proactive is important, and provide some examples of how to be proactive at work.

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Zane Franke 21.10.2022

The ultimate list of KPI examples and how to successfully implement them

How can a business measure if it’s moving into the right direction? By using the wide variety of KPIs – key performance indicators.

This article offers the ultimate list of KPI examples. Check it out!

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Zane Franke 7.10.2022
managing time vs energy

Managing time vs. energy – can both work together to boost productivity?

Planning out your workday to the minute sounds good, but you also need mental energy to complete your tasks. That’s where energy management comes in. 

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Zane Franke 16.09.2022
what is quiet quitting banner

Quiet quitting – what it is and how it exposes broken work culture

Quiet quitting has become a popular topic of discussion among Millennial and Gen Z workers on TikTok, but it is more than…

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Zane Franke 9.09.2022

The pros and cons of offering paid menstrual leave

Paid menstrual leave. What is it? Is it common? Should companies consider offering it? Read more to find answers to all of these questions.

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Zane Franke 31.08.2022
job hopping

What is job hopping & 5 reasons to hire someone who’s done it

Some hiring managers might look the other way when it comes to hiring someone who’s done job hopping, but we’re here to prove them wrong.

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Zane Franke 29.08.2022

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desk setup ideas

10 home office desk setup ideas for maximizing your productivity

A desk is not just a surface that holds your laptop and your favorite coffee mug. Here are 10 home office desk setup ideas for higher productivity.

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Zane Franke 29.07.2022

How to write a good elevator pitch for a job interview + examples

On the lookout for a new job?

This article has everything you need to know to craft the perfect elevator pitch that will land your dream job.

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Zane Franke 22.06.2022

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