DeskTime vs Time Doctor: compare the alternatives

Compare DeskTime and Time Doctor time tracking apps side by side and choose the alternative that fits your needs best.

DeskTime vs Time Doctor: compare the alternatives side by side and choose the time tracking app that fits your needs best.

The best features side by side

DeskTime Time Doctor


Paid monthly:
PRO - 7$/user/mo
Premium - 9$/user/mo
Enterprise - 14$/user/mo

Paid annually:
PRO - 6$/user/mo
Premium - 8$/user/mo
Enterprise - 12$/user/mo

Additional discounts apply for teams.

Paid monthly:
Basic - 7$/user/mo
Standard - 10$/user/mo
Premium - 20$/user/mo

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A time tracking app that combines employee monitoring, project management and productivity analysis. Designed to help teams identify and weed out unproductive habits by sorting apps and web pages as “productive” or “unproductive”.

Flexible tool that helps individuals and organizations alike be more productive and stop wasting time on distractions. Time Doctor is a powerful employee monitoring tool that focuses on tracking time, monitoring employees and project management.

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Productivity and efficiency analysis as a percentage

Payroll and payment integration and automation

GPS tracking option on mobile apps

Real-time monitoring

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Which time tracker is best for YOU?


to track overall company productivity levels and analyze employee behaviour

CHOOSE: DeskTime

DeskTime provides the most wide-ranging and flexible company-wide productivity results data. Because it includes a mix of different features - employee monitoring, project management and productivity analysis, you can adapt it to meet your specific requirements for each project. It also lets yo gather data and analyze the different aspects that are most important to you.

Data can be collected for a wide variety of facts. From most unproductive employees, most often used unproductive applications/sites, projects that take up the most time, and more.

Data is represented in a ready-made “reports” section, is sent out by email to company admins, and can also be manually segmented. Any data can also be exported to .csv, if any in-depth data analysis is necessary.

With Time Doctor, you can also track your daily work habits but at the cost of less customization. However, if you need to do the above but also want the option to analyze your productivity in detail - DeskTime might be the more convenient tool.


to track freelancer work and pay by the hour

CHOOSE: Time Doctor

Time Doctor allows for specific task and project tracking. This can be combined with the “payroll” feature, which allows the employer to automate pay based on the amount of work done.

This feature reduces the amount of time spent on calculating pay for employees who are paid by the hour. It also increases transparency about work done, and allows for smooth cooperation, especially for remote workers.

Though DeskTime allows for project tracking, it does not support individual task completion, and is not integrated with payroll systems. For that reason, where payroll is required, Time Doctor will be the best choice.


to record team absences + time away from the computer

CHOOSE: DeskTime

For teams who frequently have meetings, business trips, or phone calls, DeskTime is a great way to maintain transparency and understanding of where team members are at any given moment.

DeskTime lets employees record their “away time”, by noting if they will be on vacation, out of town, or simply at a meeting or on a phone call. This feature is available both on desktop as well as the mobile app, making it great for team members on the go.

By being able to log absences in the absence calendar, teammates are able to quickly see who's not at work, as well as eases vacation planning, as you can see the status of everyone in the company.


task management

CHOOSE: Time Doctor

Time Doctor puts an emphasis on task management, providing a tool to easily enter tasks, mark them as complete, set priority tasks, and even set “permanent” tasks that can't be marked as complete.

While both DeskTime and TimeDoctor productivity tools integrate with a variety of other task-based software, such as Asana and BaseCamp, TimeDoctor allows more in-depth options for tracking time for the integrated projects. Productivity is based not only on the amount of time using “productive” applications, but also based on the number of tasks completed, as well as the user's ability to maintain focus on the task at hand without getting distracted on their computer.

While DeskTime users can attribute time spent on different projects, the projects do not require “completion”, and can not be ordered in terms of priority.


company-wide transparency and healthy competition

CHOOSE: DeskTime

DeskTime puts a focus on making data available both to the employee tracking their time, as well as to their colleagues, including employers. It also does not attempt to hide the tracking process, emphasizing that with more knowledge about your computer use habits, the more empowered you are to make educated decisions about how you work on a daily basis.

Employees are able to access their own productivity data, as well as take a look at their colleagues. The “Colleagues” tab shows a list of team mates, and notes who arrived late for work, who is not at the office, and if they're currently working on unproductive, productive, or neutral applications.

Another feature that stimulates a healthy amount of competition, is the company-wide productivity rating. Employees are able to see how they rank up against their colleagues, as well as compete for the 1st place in the company.

If transparent time-tracking data is a priority for your company, DeskTime will be your best choice.

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DeskTime: a Time Doctor alternative with a flair for productivity analysis.

When it comes to analyzing productivity and efficiency as a metric, DeskTime does so for both, the company as a whole, and each individual as well.

Analyze your team's highs and lows through fully automatic time tracking.

Get an overview of your team's work day by tracking apps, URLs, offline time and more.

Manage individual tasks and projects to become more productive.

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