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Calm and focused: how office lighting and color affect productivity [UPDATED]

There are countless studies proving that office lighting and color choice have a great effect on employees’ productivity. In the movie Joe…

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Julia Gifford 14.04.2023

11 of the scariest things a boss can say that are guaranteed to leave you shaking

Here are some of the most terrifying things a boss can say that’s actually going to leave you quaking in your boots. The good news is you don’t have to be helpless – here’s what you can do.

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Julia Gifford 31.10.2022

52/17 updated – people are now working and breaking longer than before

In 2014 we at DeskTime performed a study that analyzed the top 10% most productive people to see what they had in…

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Julia Gifford 10.08.2021

Time tracking by industry: who benefits most?

Let’s take a look at time tracking by industry. It comes as no surprise that some industries are keener than others to…

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Julia Gifford 12.02.2021

How to schedule your week like a boss [free templates included]

Boss as in the Urban Dictionary bawse, or boss as in manager of You Ltd., it doesn’t matter – mastering personal weekly…

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Julia Gifford 30.11.2020

Magic invoices: how to create invoice templates that automatically fill themselves out

Whether you’re an established business with a bookkeeping team, an agency working with a ton of different clients, or a freelancer who just wants to focus on what you do best, the DeskTime invoicing template can save hours of work for everyone involved.

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Julia Gifford 3.11.2020

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Office workers don’t want to return to “normal”

Only one-fifth of surveyed individuals want to return to office-based working once social distancing restrictions end. Most employees would prefer a hybrid model combining both remote and office-based work.

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Julia Gifford 13.08.2020

Practical uses for exported data from DeskTime

DeskTime can be a vast database of accurate, insightful and invaluable information. Here are some tips&tricks for using the exported data, so it becomes more than just numbers.

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Julia Gifford 10.07.2020
DeskTime tips and tricks

15 little-known tips and tricks to become a DeskTime power user

DeskTime is a feature-rich platform. Are you using it to the maximum potential? Learn how to become a power user with these 15 little-known tips and tricks.

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Julia Gifford 8.06.2020

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