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20 motivational quotes to help you get things done (and why they work!)

Let me start with the well-known truth:

Employees who are motivated, are also happy, more productive and more successful than their unmotivated colleagues.

Motivation is the willingness to do something, so the relationship between motivation and productivity is clear and direct. In the meantime, when it comes to motivating the team, it seems that employers do something very wrong – the stats show that as much as 70% of workers feel unmotivated and disengaged at work.

Employers should seriously think of ways to keep the spirit up in the office – and here’s why:

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When it comes to work and productivity, is social media really so evil?

According to DeskTime, social media, and especially Facebook, is on the top of the most-used unproductive apps in 2014. Together, time spent on social networks accounts for about half of all of the unproductive time spent at work. did a survey to find out what employees themselves consider their top time wasters at work, and 14% named social media, which ranked them the socond, right after the news. It’s been calculated that allowing social networks at work, company loses up to $ 28 billion on productivity-loss per year.

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Conflicts at workplace erode productivity, a study shows

Conflicts at workplaces are inevitable, and even necessary for progress. However, if handled poorly, it can lead to significant productivity loss, a recent study shows.

A study in New Zealand found that 24% of employees surveyed have had at least one disagreement or argument at work that distracted or prevented them from doing their job. Because of conflicts employees become less focused on their jobs, they make more mistakes and tend to miss deadlines. Other consequences include loss of motivation and self confidence.

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How to deal with the ‘’big brother’’ feeling in the office?


That moment when you realize that the working day is almost over and you still haven’t done anything… It’s frustrating, we agree. And this is when that scary ‘’big brother’’ feeling may come up.

You know, the one which makes you think that your boss will come at your desk in a minute, and ask why did you spend 45 minutes on non-productive apps today. Facebook and Youtube, specifically.

If your company is using DeskTime, then you should know that it highlights only extreme cases. So, only if you are spending hours on non-productive apps regularly, or come to work late every day, it will be noticed. Still feeling uncomfortable with the time-tracking software on your desktop? We summarized a few tips that will hopefully help you to deal with that anxious feeling.

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