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DeskTime 2021 review

DeskTime’s year in review: 2021 at a glance

Last year DeskTime was acknowledged by more than 380k users and 16.7k companies worldwide. Thank you for trusting us! Whatever the year 2022 brings, we can promise – DeskTime is here to help!

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DeskTime's web-based time tracking

DeskTime introduces a new feature – web-based time tracking

Using web-based time tracking is the best way to track your everyday activities and maintain a healthy work-life balance. Give it a try!

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Per-user pricing banner

We’re switching to per-user pricing

DeskTime introduces the per-user pricing model to new and existing users. It’s just as simple as it sounds – a single user now pays a fixed monthly price.

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DeskTime localizes system in Spanish for better time management

This article discusses why system localization is important for better time management, and how to find and use the Spanish language on our website.

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DeskTime introduces Electron to Mac and Linux users

We’re thrilled to announce that DeskTime has launched a new app design for Mac and Linux users with new and improved functionality, a magic link passwordless log-in, and a project Quick menu. Ready to give it a go?

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How does DeskTime work, and how to communicate it to your team

How does DeskTime work? With a wide array of features that cover not only attendance and time tracking but offer a helping hand in project management, invoicing, and data analysis, DeskTime is one of the best time tracking and management tools out there.

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How to start using DeskTime

DeskTime is an automatic time tracking software that notes and analyzes productivity at work. It’s a tool that’s been chosen by both…

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